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  1. Photo of Bobby Roth

    Bobby Roth Director

  2. Photo of Cathleen Young

    Cathleen Young Screenplay

  3. Photo of Barbara Taylor Bradford

    Barbara Taylor Bradford Screenplay

  4. Photo of Melissa Gilbert

    Melissa Gilbert Cast

  5. Photo of Jeremy Sheffield

    Jeremy Sheffield Cast

  6. Photo of Lorraine Pilkington

    Lorraine Pilkington Cast

  7. Photo of Ginny Holder

    Ginny Holder Cast

  8. Photo of Dorian Healy

    Dorian Healy Cast

  9. Photo of Maria Lennon

    Maria Lennon Cast

  10. Photo of Jean Simmons

    Jean Simmons Cast

  11. Photo of Britta Smith

    Britta Smith Cast

  12. Photo of Brian McGrath

    Brian McGrath Cast

  13. Photo of Oliver Maguire

    Oliver Maguire Cast

  14. Photo of Joan O'Hara

    Joan O'Hara Cast

  15. Photo of Peter Caffrey

    Peter Caffrey Cast

  16. Photo of Eric Van Haren Noman

    Eric Van Haren Noman Cinematography

  17. Photo of Lee Holdridge

    Lee Holdridge Music

  18. Photo of Ian Bailie

    Ian Bailie Production Design

  19. Photo of Sandra Saxon Brice

    Sandra Saxon Brice Producer

  20. Photo of Andrew Adelson

    Andrew Adelson Executive Producer

  21. Photo of Tracey Alexander

    Tracey Alexander Executive Producer

  22. Photo of Robert Bradford

    Robert Bradford Executive Producer

  23. Photo of Henk Van Eeghen

    Henk Van Eeghen Editing