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  1. Madelene's rating of the film Herb and Dorothy

    What an endearing relationship and inspiring practice!

  2. Renton47's rating of the film Herb and Dorothy

    I know decidedly little about art, especially in comparison to cinema, so this film was as much an education for me as it was a purely charming affair. An admirable couple who practically lived an ascetic lifestyle with the exception of their one notable vice. Would make a great combo with the now showing Bill Cunningham film and 'The Cats of Mirikitani', all great docs about art for arts sake.

  3. Marly Luske's rating of the film Herb and Dorothy

  4. joanna's rating of the film Herb and Dorothy

    Lessons in trusting your own viewpoint and staying open to the new - well captured. In some ways a formidable team and definitely awesome subjects.

  5. Chichago_'s rating of the film Herb and Dorothy

    I love the fact that Herb and Dorothy always held each other's hand wherever they go :-)

  6. Shelly Hatlestad's rating of the film Herb and Dorothy

    Sweet, engaging film about a retired postal clerk and a librarian in NYC who manage to amass the greatest collection of contemporary art. All of my favorite things, contemporary art, old people, and cats.

  7. scrocha's rating of the film Herb and Dorothy

    "The Vogels! Gosh, I'll be able to pay the rent." Very funny but really, the Vogels are two of the most fantastic people you'll find. You can safely say they love art without financial interest, that's so rare nowadays that isn't funny. Like a friend says in the movie "They're greedy" Yes, they do. In the best sense: greedy for art.

  8. --'s rating of the film Herb and Dorothy

    Engaging subject matter with a strong narrative thread, but very dull execution that does nothing to advance the documentary genre. Only useful as a didactic object. Heaps of praise for the Vogels, but Sasaki's approach left me cold. Excited to see Herb and Dorothy 50x50—I missed my opportunity to see it projected. Fingers crossed for an approach that matches/complements the wit and vivacity of the titular couple.

  9. Catherine Krummey's rating of the film Herb and Dorothy

    Sometimes the truth really is stranger (and more awesome) than fiction.

  10. Robert's rating of the film Herb and Dorothy

  11. Yashoda's rating of the film Herb and Dorothy

    Fascinating tale of a postman and his wife, who accumulated one of the biggest modern art collections ever. Seems impossible today.

  12. Sancar Seckiner's rating of the film Herb and Dorothy

    Extraordinary doc. about an ordinary American couple who loves art and collects 4000 pcs. with their small salary. Film made by a Japan film dir. The Vogels never sold any piece of their collection. Extraordinary American art collectors. Simple and touching.

  13. Kristy's rating of the film Herb and Dorothy

    I can only aspire to have as much passion and joy as Herb and Dorothy Vogel have for art, animals, and life. Life just bubbles out of them...their enthusiasm for art is contagious. Its truly amazing how extensive and rich their collection is on only a librarian and postal worker's salary...and they never sold any of their pieces! Only donated them! Inspirational doesn't begin to describe this couple.

  14. Hazel Cills's rating of the film Herb and Dorothy

    A really fantastic documentary about two of my favorite people. An essential film for people who want to know more about collecting art or who are interested in late 50's to early 60's abstract and conceptual art. I enjoyed the time spent with each artist and the extensive footage of the apartment (very necessary.) Lingering on their precious cat Archie Vogel didn't hurt either!

  15. Justin Kane's rating of the film Herb and Dorothy

    Herb and Dorothy are not your conventional art collectors, in their heyday, the 1960's, they couldn't afford pop art so they collected minimalist and conceptual art by unknown artists. They forged lasting friendships with many of these artists and never sold any of the artwork they bought through the years. Eventually they donated their collection and started collecting all over again. Interesting but not gripping.