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  1. Photo of Ruggero Deodato

    Ruggero Deodato Director

  2. Photo of Marcello Sartarelli

    Marcello Sartarelli Screenplay

  3. Photo of Reg Park

    Reg Park Cast

  4. Photo of Mireille Granelli

    Mireille Granelli Cast

  5. Photo of Antonio Margheriti

    Antonio Margheriti Cast and Director

  6. Photo of Ettore Manni

    Ettore Manni Cast

  7. Photo of Furio Meniconi

    Furio Meniconi Cast

  8. Photo of María Teresa Orsini

    María Teresa Orsini Cast

  9. Photo of Claudio Scarchilli

    Claudio Scarchilli Cast

  10. Photo of Gábor Pogány

    Gábor Pogány Cinematography

  11. Photo of Franco Mannino

    Franco Mannino Music

  12. Photo of Riccardo Domenici

    Riccardo Domenici Production Design

  13. Photo of Adelpho Ambrosiano

    Adelpho Ambrosiano Producer

  14. Photo of Otello Colangeli

    Otello Colangeli Editing

  15. Photo of Mario Morigi

    Mario Morigi Sound

  16. Photo of Giulio Tagliacozzo

    Giulio Tagliacozzo Sound