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  1. Nick Schwab's rating of the film Here Alone

    It avoids the melodramatic pitfalls of the quasi-similar apocalyptic family-drama films of 2015's Maggie and Extinction by making its zombie threat largely subtle (aside from one-momentary glimpse and noises) for more than an hour. On the other side, it would benefit from a more energetic pace, as its emotion sometimes mumbles (yet having more action/horror though is debatable.) Still, it's a good enough watch.

  2. Dries's rating of the film Here Alone

  3. MATTEO BITTANTI's rating of the film Here Alone

    Considering that the post-apocalyptic/zombie film genre reached the saturation point approximately a decade ago, how do we explain films like Here Alone, which do not add anything even remotely new to an already stale, redundant, derivative catalog? What does this ongoing obsession for the End of humanity say about our current situation? Are there convincing explanations other than those provided by Jameson/Zizek?