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  1. Photo of Sebastian Peterson

    Sebastian Peterson Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Thomas Brussig

    Thomas Brussig Screenplay

  3. Photo of Markus Dittrich

    Markus Dittrich Screenplay

  4. Photo of Daniel Borgwardt

    Daniel Borgwardt Cast

  5. Photo of Xenia Snagowski

    Xenia Snagowski Cast

  6. Photo of Adrian Heidenreich

    Adrian Heidenreich Cast

  7. Photo of Luca Lenz

    Luca Lenz Cast

  8. Photo of Kirsten Block

    Kirsten Block Cast

  9. Photo of Udo Kroschwald

    Udo Kroschwald Cast

  10. Photo of Volkmar Kleinert

    Volkmar Kleinert Cast

  11. Photo of Dietmar Huhn

    Dietmar Huhn Cast

  12. Photo of Ulrich Wenzke

    Ulrich Wenzke Cast

  13. Photo of Gojko Mitic

    Gojko Mitic Cast

  14. Photo of Joachim Lätsch

    Joachim Lätsch Cast

  15. Photo of Samira Hoppert

    Samira Hoppert Cast

  16. Photo of Angelika Unterlauf

    Angelika Unterlauf Cast

  17. Photo of Peter Przybylski

    Peter Przybylski Cinematography

  18. Photo of Ingo Frenzel

    Ingo Frenzel Music

  19. Photo of Uwe Riemer

    Uwe Riemer Production Design

  20. Photo of Alfred Holighaus

    Alfred Holighaus Producer

  21. Photo of Hanno Huth

    Hanno Huth Producer

  22. Photo of Gerhard von Halem

    Gerhard von Halem Producer

  23. Photo of Günter Fenner

    Günter Fenner Executive Producer

  24. Photo of Petra Jurowski

    Petra Jurowski Editing

  25. Photo of Jörg Wiegleb

    Jörg Wiegleb Sound

  26. Photo of Sabine Greuning

    Sabine Greuning Costume Design