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  1. mimivulturul's rating of the film Herostratus

  2. marlonbrandodepressed's rating of the film Herostratus

  3. Ed Cresdee's rating of the film Herostratus

    I struggled with long sequences of this, but 10/10 for effort.

  4. Ark V's rating of the film Herostratus

    Wonderfully powerful, flawed hallucinogenic trip that's sadly relevant today.

  5. Nikola Enchev's rating of the film Herostratus

    Callous, disconnected and unstructured. 140 minutes of arbitrariness that are difficult to sit through - when logic is lacking any scene is random and thus disposable: a cut of 80 minutes may have saved it but the premise is perhaps too shallow to begin with...

  6. ajdehany's rating of the film Herostratus

    The most sixties thing I've ever seen. Fails to stick it to the man, but fucking hell why not.

  7. Jonathan Smith's rating of the film Herostratus

    A lost spectacle of British cinema. Despite its anonymity, Herostratus's is reminiscent of contemporaries Clockwork Orange, Blow Up and Roeg's work. Saying that, Levy's sole feature length is a remarkable piece of art in its own right. The narrative premise of a poet dying for fame falls flat but the fragmented editing, reflective of the subconscious, are exhilarating juxtapositions. Not a classic but a must watch.

  8. dmol's rating of the film Herostratus

    The most well-rounded, complete film I have seen, in my subjective point of view: The aesthetics, the acting, the uncanny sense of humour, the intellect, the feelings and politics behind it. The lack of money that, through invention, spawns tragic magic. Not something everybody can warm up to, but there is a message everyone can relate to and cinematic novelty anyone creative can learn from...

  9. janh24's rating of the film Herostratus

    Confused and surprisingly shallow.

  10. raggiodisole's rating of the film Herostratus

    Visionary. Closer to art than cinema, but really quite dazzling. That this film is not better known is a surprise and a tragedy. Way ahead of its time, and unique in the British film canon

  11. susanmac's rating of the film Herostratus

  12. Dale Bentham's rating of the film Herostratus

  13. Anita G's rating of the film Herostratus

    a very important film, especially for film makers to see, because it doesn't assume the audience are stupid. a piece of art that is beautifully framed, shot and edited. the art direction is sublime. it is, perhaps, sadly ironic that both the director and the lead actor committed suicide at the end of their lives.

  14. anwoody's rating of the film Herostratus

    Very weird. Bizarre themes of spectacle, rebellion and the depravity of the media world. This film breaks so many conventions with a big fuck-you. The editing style is arresting and the absence of sound in some edits is startling. Very hard to make sense of in places, but curiously not boring. Yes, it's reminiscent of Roeg's Man who fell...and Kubrick's Clockwork Orange.

  15. sebastianbarronmubi's rating of the film Herostratus

  16. CarlosEsquives's rating of the film Herostratus

    En la Historia, Eróstrato fue conocido público por incendiar el Palacio de Artemisa. A la línea de esto, en "Herostratus" un individuo desea también llamar la atención mediatizando su suicidio. Levy realiza un filme sobre la deshumanización, la modernidad y el conflicto existencial de un personaje a contracorriente. Todo se desliza mediante un idioma experimental/alegórico. La represión triunfa, pero quedan rezagos.