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  1. Photo of Leander Haußmann

    Leander Haußmann Director

  2. Photo of Sven Regener

    Sven Regener Screenplay

  3. Photo of Christian Ulmen

    Christian Ulmen Cast

  4. Photo of Detlev Buck

    Detlev Buck Cast

  5. Photo of Katja Danowski

    Katja Danowski Cast

  6. Photo of Janek Rieke

    Janek Rieke Cast

  7. Photo of Annika Kuhl

    Annika Kuhl Cast

  8. Photo of Hartmut E. Lange

    Hartmut E. Lange Cast

  9. Photo of Martin Olbertz

    Martin Olbertz Cast

  10. Photo of Uwe Dag Berlin

    Uwe Dag Berlin Cast

  11. Photo of Michael Beck

    Michael Beck Cast

  12. Photo of Michael Gwisdek

    Michael Gwisdek Cast

  13. Photo of Stephan Baumecker

    Stephan Baumecker Cast

  14. Photo of Tim Fischer

    Tim Fischer Cast

  15. Photo of Karsten Speck

    Karsten Speck Cast

  16. Photo of Margit Bendokat

    Margit Bendokat Cast

  17. Photo of Johann Adam Oest

    Johann Adam Oest Cast

  18. Photo of Sven Martinek

    Sven Martinek Cast

  19. Photo of Bernhard Schütz

    Bernhard Schütz Cast

  20. Photo of Thomas Brussig

    Thomas Brussig Cast

  21. Photo of Sven Markholz

    Sven Markholz Cast

  22. Photo of Fabian Oscar Wien

    Fabian Oscar Wien Cast

  23. Photo of Heidi Züger

    Heidi Züger Cast

  24. Photo of Christoph Waltz

    Christoph Waltz Cast

  25. Photo of Uwe Meyer

    Uwe Meyer Cast

  26. Photo of Steffi Kühnert

    Steffi Kühnert Cast

  27. Photo of Pepe Danquart

    Pepe Danquart Cast

  28. Photo of Ümit Inaler

    Ümit Inaler Cast

  29. Photo of Thorsten Ranft

    Thorsten Ranft Cast

  30. Photo of Frank Griebe

    Frank Griebe Cinematography

  31. Photo of Charlotte Goltermann

    Charlotte Goltermann Music

  32. Photo of Thomas Stammer

    Thomas Stammer Production Design

  33. Photo of Claus Boje

    Claus Boje Producer

  34. Photo of Peter R. Adam

    Peter R. Adam Editing

  35. Photo of Wolfgang Schukrafft

    Wolfgang Schukrafft Sound