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  1. Photo of Erik Ode

    Erik Ode Director and Self

  2. Photo of Günter Neumann

    Günter Neumann Director and Screenplay

  3. Photo of Fritz Aeckerle

    Fritz Aeckerle Screenplay

  4. Photo of Hans Vietzke

    Hans Vietzke Screenplay

  5. Photo of Bruno Fritz

    Bruno Fritz Self

  6. Photo of Edith Schollwer

    Edith Schollwer Self

  7. Photo of Tatjana Sais

    Tatjana Sais Self

  8. Photo of Ewald Wenck

    Ewald Wenck Self

  9. Photo of Sunshine Quartett

    Sunshine Quartett Self

  10. Photo of Hans Albers

    Hans Albers Self

  11. Photo of Luciano Albertini

    Luciano Albertini Self

  12. Photo of Roald Amundsen

    Roald Amundsen Self

  13. Photo of Enrico Caruso

    Enrico Caruso Self

  14. Photo of Charlie Chaplin

    Charlie Chaplin Self

  15. Photo of Winston Churchill

    Winston Churchill Self

  16. Photo of Lya De Putti

    Lya De Putti Self

  17. Photo of William Dieterle

    William Dieterle Self

  18. Photo of Friedrich Ebert Sr.

    Friedrich Ebert Sr. Self

  19. Photo of Friedrich Ebert

    Friedrich Ebert Self

  20. Photo of Willi Forst

    Willi Forst Self

  21. Photo of Rudolf Forster

    Rudolf Forster Self

  22. Photo of Willy Fritsch

    Willy Fritsch Self

  23. Photo of Greta Garbo

    Greta Garbo Self

  24. Photo of Lilian Harvey

    Lilian Harvey Self

  25. Photo of Brigitte Helm

    Brigitte Helm Self

  26. Photo of Adolf Hitler

    Adolf Hitler Self

  27. Photo of Emil Jannings

    Emil Jannings Self

  28. Photo of Kaiser Wilhelm II

    Kaiser Wilhelm II Self

  29. Photo of Buster Keaton

    Buster Keaton Self

  30. Photo of Werner Krauss

    Werner Krauss Self

  31. Photo of Kronprinz Wilhelm

    Kronprinz Wilhelm Self

  32. Photo of Harold Lloyd

    Harold Lloyd Self

  33. Photo of Erich Ludendorff

    Erich Ludendorff Self

  34. Photo of Mia May

    Mia May Self

  35. Photo of Benito Mussolini

    Benito Mussolini Self

  36. Photo of Asta Nielsen

    Asta Nielsen Self

  37. Photo of Anna Pavlova

    Anna Pavlova Self

  38. Photo of Harry Piel

    Harry Piel Self

  39. Photo of John D. Rockefeller

    John D. Rockefeller Self

  40. Photo of Franklin D. Roosevelt

    Franklin D. Roosevelt Self

  41. Photo of Adele Sandrock

    Adele Sandrock Self

  42. Photo of Max Schmeling

    Max Schmeling Self

  43. Photo of George Bernard Shaw

    George Bernard Shaw Self

  44. Photo of Joseph Stalin

    Joseph Stalin Self

  45. Photo of Gustav Stresemann

    Gustav Stresemann Self

  46. Photo of Rudolph Valentino

    Rudolph Valentino Self

  47. Photo of Wilhelm Voigt

    Wilhelm Voigt Self

  48. Photo of Paul von Hindenburg

    Paul von Hindenburg Self

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