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  1. Photo of Gerard Ungerman

    Gerard Ungerman Director, Executive Producer, Producer, Screenplay

  2. Photo of Ruhmkorff Partners

    Ruhmkorff Partners Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Baraka ConneXion

    Baraka ConneXion Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Audrey Brohy

    Audrey Brohy Screenplay, Producer, Executive Producer, Director

  5. Photo of John Hurt

    John Hurt Cast

  6. Photo of Ahmed Al-Bayati

    Ahmed Al-Bayati Cast

  7. Photo of Bill Hartung

    Bill Hartung Cast

  8. Photo of Fadel Chalabi

    Fadel Chalabi Cast

  9. Photo of Ramsey Clark

    Ramsey Clark Cast

  10. Photo of David Welch

    David Welch Cast

  11. Photo of Siu Hin Lee

    Siu Hin Lee Cast

  12. Photo of Randa Habib

    Randa Habib Cast

  13. Photo of Tahar Masri

    Tahar Masri Cast

  14. Photo of Norman Schwarzkopf

    Norman Schwarzkopf Cast

  15. Photo of Jean Heller

    Jean Heller Cast

  16. Photo of Morocco Omari

    Morocco Omari Cast

  17. Photo of Dennis Halliday

    Dennis Halliday Cast

  18. Photo of Phyllis Bennis

    Phyllis Bennis Cast

  19. Photo of Paul Sullivan

    Paul Sullivan Cast

  20. Photo of Michel Haj

    Michel Haj Cast

  21. Photo of Monaf Shaker

    Monaf Shaker Cast

  22. Photo of Labib Kamhawi

    Labib Kamhawi Cast

  23. Photo of Scott Ritter

    Scott Ritter Cast

  24. Photo of Nassira Sadoum

    Nassira Sadoum Cast

  25. Photo of Feras Abdul Abass

    Feras Abdul Abass Cast

  26. Photo of Ahmed Al-Jabar

    Ahmed Al-Jabar Cast

  27. Photo of Doug Rokke

    Doug Rokke Cast

  28. Photo of Dan Fahey

    Dan Fahey Cast

  29. Photo of Anuar Abdul Mehsen

    Anuar Abdul Mehsen Cast

  30. Photo of Hector Class

    Hector Class Cast

  31. Photo of Jason Stelzel

    Jason Stelzel Editing

  32. Photo of Fritz Heede

    Fritz Heede Music, Producer