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  1. Photo of Hans Steinbichler

    Hans Steinbichler Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Johanna Wokalek

    Johanna Wokalek Cast

  3. Photo of Barbara Sukowa

    Barbara Sukowa Cast

  4. Photo of Josef Bierbichler

    Josef Bierbichler Cast

  5. Photo of Peter Simonischek

    Peter Simonischek Cast

  6. Photo of Frank Giering

    Frank Giering Cast

  7. Photo of Alexander Beyer

    Alexander Beyer Cast

  8. Photo of Ditte Schupp

    Ditte Schupp Cast

  9. Photo of Butz Ulrich Buse

    Butz Ulrich Buse Cast

  10. Photo of Julia Gschnitzer

    Julia Gschnitzer Cast

  11. Photo of Vroni Bittenbinder

    Vroni Bittenbinder Cast

  12. Photo of Paolo Walcher

    Paolo Walcher Cast

  13. Photo of Bella Halben

    Bella Halben Cinematography

  14. Photo of Antoni Lazarkiewicz

    Antoni Lazarkiewicz Music

  15. Photo of Doerthe Komnick

    Doerthe Komnick Production Design

  16. Photo of Johannes Sternagel

    Johannes Sternagel Production Design

  17. Photo of Alena Rimbach

    Alena Rimbach Producer

  18. Photo of Herbert Rimbach

    Herbert Rimbach Producer

  19. Photo of Christian Lonk

    Christian Lonk Editing

  20. Photo of Eckhard W. Kuchenbecker

    Eckhard W. Kuchenbecker Sound