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  1. James Mackin's rating of the film High Noon

    Would've been nice to see more of the villains, the heroes were not that interesting. Still, the real time aspect was kinda fun.

  2. bryanvmh's rating of the film High Noon

  3. Alexander Dunkelberger's rating of the film High Noon

    An archetypal western in many ways, but also a unique one. You’ve got all the tropes: good sheriff must defend the town, shootouts, etc., but there’s also an interesting flip in that the sheriff has to fight as much with his pride as he does with the forces of evil in the west.

  4. DenoResandono's rating of the film High Noon

    The truth is - I never care whether this movie is an allegory of 1950's blacklisting (or red scare). HIGH NOON is indeed a masterpiece western from director Fred Zinnemann. Gary Cooper played Kane perfectly. Kane maybe a representation of us who always help people, when we need them most they didn't care about us. Not to mention the timeless beauty of Grace Kelly as Kane's wife. Shame, I just saw it a few days ago...

  5. Aardsy's rating of the film High Noon

    Straightforward and simple: one of the best.

  6. Wee Hunk's rating of the film High Noon

    It's a perfect film. The pacing is perfection. What I like most about it is how it caused such an uproar when it came out. "Americans would never be cowards!" And of course being made in the 1950's it's an allegory on blacklisting, and the writer was blacklisted shortly after it came out.

  7. bogdann's rating of the film High Noon

    interesting and quite unusual, can't really put my finger on it. i'm not a big fan of the ending, but i like the ultimate goal of it.

  8. ionu's rating of the film High Noon

    3.5-3.7 really solid and interesting and odd approach to the western genre and, while I dislike the ending, I appreciate that it served another purpose than just to be a happy ending.

  9. JonMB's rating of the film High Noon

    I debated myself as to whether this was an average film due to feeling like I needed to know more about the back story of the villains and their relationship with the hero. Or, was it an above average film due to the suspense it creates and the fine character studies it presents as to what makes a hero vs what is the voice of reason vs what is flat out cowardice. The latter point prevailed. 4 Stars.

  10. Rahul Shrivastav's rating of the film High Noon

    "Don't shove me Harv. I'm tired of being shoved." - Marshall Will Kane Gary Cooper as the law abiding, dutiful marshall who is abandoned by the very same town he is sworn to protect. Watch it for the cooper's potrayal of will kane's frustation/anger, his conflict of conscience and also for the interesting title song played during the course of the movie composed by Dimitri Tiomkin and sung by Tex Ritter

  11. Michael Zyx MH Claes's rating of the film High Noon

  12. SlinkyLi's rating of the film High Noon

    Neat and tidy; I liked that corny theme song

  13. SpacePirate's rating of the film High Noon

    One of the best westerns. Cooper is the definition of stoic

  14. RoRoRoro's rating of the film High Noon

  15. Thomas's rating of the film High Noon

  16. Ashley Spendlove's rating of the film High Noon

    Very well made portrayal of the loneliness of taking a stand. It's easy to see how historically the film has been championed from both the political left and right as Cooper portrays such an attractive existential hero: a man desperately striving to find moral courage while constantly finding himself on the cusp of collapse.

  17. Rui Oliveira's rating of the film High Noon

    Never had seen this film before. Different from the usual westerns, this is a great film, with some suspense and an unpredictable ending. Gary Cooper is very good and he is the soul of the film. Beautiful b&w cinematography.

  18. Mark Commode's rating of the film High Noon

  19. JordanBrooks's rating of the film High Noon

    Worth it for the insane crane shot in the last act

  20. Leco's rating of the film High Noon

    An amazing western! I really loved the real time aspect here, a pacing intertwined with the great soundtrack by Dimitri Tiomkin. Talking about that, what a great song led by Tex Ritter's powerful voice! The cinematography is great, the acting, well, all together makes just a damn good movie. Lot of people talk about the final clash, but I guess the climax remains on one of the last shots and it's a fair ending.

  21. jlesage's rating of the film High Noon

    I last watched it 35 years ago and never forgot it. It's still really good. I love it's stripped-down, real-time simplicity. One of those films where everything seems to work: script, cinematography, acting, score. Perhaps the perfect western.

  22. Squashua's rating of the film High Noon

    Don't call your wagon or marry the Quaker girl yet folks, this is less schlock and more slowburn as far as Westerns go. Despite the title and 'classic' status suggesting midday clock-strike showdowns and honky-tonk saloon brawls, this is one man facing the ghost-town of his past set at an oddly dawdled pace, considering the constant threat of the noon train. Whilst the climax picks up, it's over before it can peak.

  23. Chilton's rating of the film High Noon

    "The western for people who don't like westerns." Well I guess I don't like westerns then.

  24. simon's rating of the film High Noon

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