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  1. Mario Tomchev's rating of the film High-Rise

  2. Dag Kaszlikowski's rating of the film High-Rise

    This documentary tries to tell a story but it fails. However, there are nice moments there.

  3. Louisa Savignon's rating of the film High-Rise

    shallow as it is real life. good start, mascaro

  4. Luis Quintais's rating of the film High-Rise

    A remarkable ethnographically focused documentary.

  5. Matthew Wilhelm-Solomon's rating of the film High-Rise

    Perturbador. Realmente coloca o espectador em contato com a nata da superficialidade de pessoas economicamente privilegiadas e politicamente alienadas. Não há possibilidade de identificação com as personagens, tamanha inadequação de seus comentários e valores. Bravo!

  6. Rafael Samora's rating of the film High-Rise

    Brilhante! Um recorte/espelho que se repete eternamente no Brasil. 1% de puro lixo banhados de luxo.

  7. Sara Castro's rating of the film High-Rise

    This documentary doesn't really address social inequality, it's just a whole lot of bragging. Nice soundtrack though.

  8. Bandeira's rating of the film High-Rise

    "É lindo , a gente tem fogos quase diariamente. Eu não sei que tipo de relacionamento têm os dois gangues mas eles trocam tiros e as balas são coloridas!"

  9. Mikedado's rating of the film High-Rise

    The viewer has to make an effort to actually pick the interesting elements (if there are any) in this honestly avoidable (did i made it up?) doc. All i could see was rich people pouring poor, regardless and insensitive comments, probably thinking they meant something just because a camera was recording them. Avoid.

  10. Sara Lucas's rating of the film High-Rise

    3.5. "batida de panela me deixa realmente agoniada"

  11. Kartik's rating of the film High-Rise

    Not much depth and the characters are pretty shallow, with no contrast to offset it. Haphazard shots are endearing at times, too amateur at others. The pacing is smooth, though.

  12. nein's rating of the film High-Rise

    I like the ambiguity of this documentary. It's not really about "positive things", like one of those interviewed said, but it's about poverty and lack of compassion shown in a not-so-obvious way. I liked when the musician/lawyer guy admitted he feels guilty because he doesn't really live in Brazil inhabiting this little kingdom of his parents. I hope it's not entirely true though, I'd like to believe in people.

  13. Natalie Pierson's rating of the film High-Rise

    Very thoughtful. The closing scene is especially powerful. You can't be above everyone unless there are people below you.

  14. @frassivan's rating of the film High-Rise

    A very interesting point of view of the poor, miserable wealthy neighborhoods in Rio de Janeiro. Thinking they are gods but being weak and scared in their alarmed ivory towers

  15. Celina Dávila's rating of the film High-Rise

    Le scene fra intervista e intervista sono davvero belle. La scena in cui la gente si bagna nel mare in quelle strisce di sole lasciati dalle ombre dei grattacieli lo dice tutto.

  16. msmichel's rating of the film High-Rise

    A 2009 documentary exercise in tedium. 8 sets of penthouse dwellers are interviewed commenting on their city and place in it , often in elitist and discrimantory ways. To quote ani difranco 'you better put more than a nickel in our cups casue we are COMING UP !!" Not an honest voice amongst them save maybe the club owner.

  17. Beatrice's rating of the film High-Rise

    A visually striking and brilliant project. I think this documentary makes its point by showing a bunch of privileged individuals who don't even seem aware of the implications of what they are saying. The lady petting a stuffed coon sums it all up: it's like living an embalmed life at the top.

  18. cykaman's rating of the film High-Rise

    A window to thoughs of richer Brazilians. Feels like some of them escape reality outside.

  19. marcelo Silva's rating of the film High-Rise

  20. Diane's rating of the film High-Rise

    "They shut themselves off from everything and make up their own rules." Possibly one of the top 5 least self-aware comments ever uttered on film. I'm sure of it.

  21. Ju Lia's rating of the film High-Rise

    a brilliant documentary. really liked the penthouse-owner who said "I love the fact that you are making a documentary about positive things.Usually, people only make documentaries about killings and other disasters." They are so disconnected from reality, so "above it all", literally, that they are unable to catch the irony of the situation.What do you lose living in a penthouse?The part of you that is down to earth.

  22. Boldizsár CR's rating of the film High-Rise

    I enjoyed every second of this film. Very very interesting and sad without being melodramatic. So simple and so rich at the same time. Well done makers!

  23. Jane de Deus's rating of the film High-Rise

    Couldn't finish watching this totally uninteresting documentary about uninteresting people.. Not sure if the filmmakers asked the wrong questions or were too hands-off, but whatever it was, the people interviewed reveal nothing worth knowing about. Surely these penthouse residents have more character than what showed up here...or maybe not? Depressing.

  24. Cornelis's rating of the film High-Rise

    I wouldn't recommend this movie. I find the subject interesting, and it's good to see a documentary which zooms in on more positive side of Brazil. But in general this movie lacks any depth.

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