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  1. Photo of Michèle Morgan

    Michèle Morgan Cast

  2. Photo of Jack Haley

    Jack Haley Cast

  3. Photo of Frank Sinatra

    Frank Sinatra Cast

  4. Photo of Leon Errol

    Leon Errol Cast

  5. Photo of Marcy McGuire

    Marcy McGuire Cast

  6. Photo of Victor Borge

    Victor Borge Cast

  7. Photo of Mary Wickes

    Mary Wickes Cast

  8. Photo of Elisabeth Risdon

    Elisabeth Risdon Cast

  9. Photo of Barbara Hale

    Barbara Hale Cast

  10. Photo of Mel Tormé

    Mel Tormé Cast

  11. Photo of Paul Hartman

    Paul Hartman Cast

  12. Photo of Grace Hartman

    Grace Hartman Cast

  13. Photo of Dooley Wilson

    Dooley Wilson Cast

  14. Photo of Ivy Scott

    Ivy Scott Cast

  15. Photo of Gladys Hurlbut

    Gladys Hurlbut Screenplay

  16. Photo of Joshua Logan

    Joshua Logan Screenplay

  17. Photo of Jay Dratler

    Jay Dratler Screenplay

  18. Photo of Ralph Spence

    Ralph Spence Screenplay

  19. Photo of William Bowers

    William Bowers Screenplay

  20. Photo of Howard Harris

    Howard Harris Screenplay

  21. Photo of Dorothy Malone

    Dorothy Malone Cast

  22. Photo of Tim Whelan

    Tim Whelan Producer and Director

  23. Photo of Robert De Grasse

    Robert De Grasse Cinematography

  24. Photo of Gene Milford

    Gene Milford Editing