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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Héctor Olguín's rating of the film Higher Ground

    La actuación de Farmiga es formidable, le imprime gracia, atracción y fuerza a su personaje a lo largo de su búsqueda de respuestas terrenales y espirituales. La dirección no está al nivel de su talento actoral, pero, como sea, resulta mejor que las incursiones de otros actores en este rol. Interesante película que por momentos es crítica al fundamentalismo protestante.

  2. Asp's rating of the film Higher Ground

    There is something so wonderfully human about this. Soft, subtle and graceful, feminine.

  3. msmichel's rating of the film Higher Ground

    Vera Farmiga graduates well to director here with this strong story about faith. Farmiga captures that fundamentalist christian community feel and really gets under the skin of her characters. Though she certainly has the strongest role she is well matched by the strong character actors she has employed. Her final scene in front of the congregation is the type that wins accolades. Look forward to a second film.

  4. Melissa's rating of the film Higher Ground

    The final scene knocked me dead - still have tears in my eyes. I thought this was overall a very powerful debut for Farmiga but it also serves as a strong reminder of just how gifted an actress she is.

  5. Brian Padian's rating of the film Higher Ground

    this was made with genuine care and hops over a lot of potential land-mines. very surprised and impressed.

  6. jessetaylor's rating of the film Higher Ground

    This film has a strong opening and conclusion, but it’s a little muddled in the middle. I think with a better director, this could have been a great film, but what it turned out to be was a lesson in directing for Farmiga.

  7. redunbeck's rating of the film Higher Ground

    Vera Farmiga makes a confident and impressive directorial debut with this quiet but still powerful spiritual earthquake of a film. She also impresses in front of the camera as a woman moving into, out of, parallel and perpendicular to faith in Christ as she struggles to find fulfillment and keeps failing to find it. With a subtle, gentle touch, Farmiga captures a whole lifetime of doubt with tremendous grace.