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  1. Photo of Gregory Widen

    Gregory Widen Screenplay

  2. Photo of Eric Bernt

    Eric Bernt Screenplay

  3. Photo of Gillian Horvath

    Gillian Horvath Screenplay

  4. Photo of Joel Soisson

    Joel Soisson Screenplay

  5. Photo of Christopher Lambert

    Christopher Lambert Cast

  6. Photo of Adrian Paul

    Adrian Paul Cast

  7. Photo of Bruce Payne

    Bruce Payne Cast

  8. Photo of Lisa Barbuscia

    Lisa Barbuscia Cast

  9. Photo of Donnie Yen

    Donnie Yen Cast

  10. Photo of Ian Paul Cassidy

    Ian Paul Cassidy Cast

  11. Photo of Peter Wingfield

    Peter Wingfield Cast

  12. Photo of Damon Dash

    Damon Dash Cast

  13. Photo of Beatie Edney

    Beatie Edney Cast

  14. Photo of Douglas Aarniokoski

    Douglas Aarniokoski Cast and Director

  15. Photo of Jim Byrnes

    Jim Byrnes Cast

  16. Photo of Adam Copeland

    Adam Copeland Cast

  17. Photo of Sheila Gish

    Sheila Gish Cast

  18. Photo of Douglas Milsome

    Douglas Milsome Cinematography

  19. Photo of Stephen Graziano

    Stephen Graziano Music

  20. Photo of Jonathan A. Carlson

    Jonathan A. Carlson Production Design

  21. Photo of Stephen Scott

    Stephen Scott Production Design

  22. Photo of Peter S. Davis

    Peter S. Davis Producer

  23. Photo of William N. Panzer

    William N. Panzer Producer and Screenplay