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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Riley Fowler's rating of the film Hillsong: Let Hope Rise

    Michael John Warren and the producers of 'Hillsong: Let Hope Rise' have successfully introduced an entirely new genre of film to a largely neglected, underappreciated, and untapped market. Billed as a "theatrical worship experience," the film delivers exactly what was promised— an inside look at Hillsong United and its members, featuring a wholly avant-garde concert experience that is as gripping as it is uplifting.

  2. Steve Pulaski's rating of the film Hillsong: Let Hope Rise

    For a Christian rock band that allegedly spends so much time writing songs, it's stunning that most of their music sounds the same as other like-minded schlock of the genre. Nevermind that, the long-delayed Hillsong: Let Hope Rise is a weak look at a band that, despite passion and inspiration, can't overcome the typical woes of simply sounding and appearing ordinary in both content and their cinematic presentation.