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  1. Royce Jr.'s rating of the film Himala

    3.5 - The ending scene when they carry her body to the ambulance, i want to see the people pulling out her hair bit by bit to get themselves some "himala" until there's only a little short one left when the body approached the ambulance. Just an idea for whoever want to remake the film :v still i love how simple and straight-forward it is

  2. Frank ViSo's rating of the film Himala

  3. CarlosEsquives's rating of the film Himala

    A propósito de una idea mesiánica, un pueblo se verá embelesado e hipnotizado por una curandera. "Himala" aspira a convertirse en una reflexión sobre la ética, una que no solo recae en su protagonista, la ocasionante de dicha "fantasía", sino también de sus seguidores, forjadores del lucro, aquellos que convirtieron la creencia en un carnaval. El final es la redención convertida en martirización. La mecánica de la fe

  4. CYNTHIA CECILIA VALDEZ's rating of the film Himala

  5. PenelopeMolina's rating of the film Himala

    the best film of all the sincere presentation of the religious fanaticism of the Filipinos ...great acting..great story..

  6. HobartLazaro's rating of the film Himala

    it says so much either you're rich or poor you're surrounded by shallow people

  7. jojodevera's rating of the film Himala

    One of the best Filipino films ever made with an exceptional performance by the Philippines' one & only Superstar Nora Aunor.

  8. Jun's rating of the film Himala

    I did not like the film the first time I saw it many years back. But not until I got hold of its DVD copy and saw the film alone in the convenience of my own living room. It's an great Filipino classic. The flaws of the film are overlookable. The great performance of its lead compensates for it all.

  9. Spiritchaser's rating of the film Himala

    I watched the newly restored version. Shame that there are still hard-coded white subs. This is one of the greatest movies ever made!

  10. Evnad's rating of the film Himala

    Nora Aunor plays a girl who claims to have seen the Virgin Mary and this causes quite a stir nationally and internationally. A gripping tale on the hallucinatory effects of religion and the mass brainwashing that it could entail.

  11. soiwaswrong's rating of the film Himala

    one of the most important films in the Philippines history.......

  12. DaisyJ's rating of the film Himala

    The 70's-80's is the golden age of Philippine cinema and this is one of the best. Very well acted by everyone and the ending has full of irony.