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  1. Photo of Mitsuo Yanagimachi

    Mitsuo Yanagimachi Director

  2. Photo of Kenji Nakagami

    Kenji Nakagami Screenplay

  3. Photo of Kinya Kitaoji

    Kinya Kitaoji Cast

  4. Photo of Kiwako Taichi

    Kiwako Taichi Cast

  5. Photo of Norihei Miki

    Norihei Miki Cast

  6. Photo of Junko Miyashita

    Junko Miyashita Cast

  7. Photo of Ryota Nakamoto

    Ryota Nakamoto Cast

  8. Photo of Aiko Morishita

    Aiko Morishita Cast

  9. Photo of Rikiya Yasuoka

    Rikiya Yasuoka Cast

  10. Photo of Kenzo Kaneko

    Kenzo Kaneko Cast

  11. Photo of Sachiko Matsushita

    Sachiko Matsushita Cast

  12. Photo of Aoi Nakajima

    Aoi Nakajima Cast

  13. Photo of Gôzô Sôma

    Gôzô Sôma Cast

  14. Photo of Kin Sugai

    Kin Sugai Cast

  15. Photo of Masako Yagi

    Masako Yagi Cast

  16. Photo of Masaki Tamura

    Masaki Tamura Cinematography

  17. Photo of Tôru Takemitsu

    Tôru Takemitsu Music

  18. Photo of Takeo Kimura

    Takeo Kimura Production Design

  19. Photo of Kazuo Shimizu

    Kazuo Shimizu Producer

  20. Photo of Sachiko Yamaji

    Sachiko Yamaji Editing