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  1. Photo of Amos Guttman

    Amos Guttman Director

  2. Photo of Yoram Kaniuk

    Yoram Kaniuk Screenplay

  3. Photo of Edna Mazia

    Edna Mazia Screenplay

  4. Photo of Icho Avital

    Icho Avital Cast

  5. Photo of Amiram Gabriel

    Amiram Gabriel Cast

  6. Photo of Yossi Graber

    Yossi Graber Cast

  7. Photo of Shai Kapon

    Shai Kapon Cast

  8. Photo of Alona Kimhi

    Alona Kimhi Cast

  9. Photo of Amos Lavi

    Amos Lavi Cast

  10. Photo of Dov Navon

    Dov Navon Cast

  11. Photo of Aliza Rosen

    Aliza Rosen Cast

  12. Photo of Sivan Shavit

    Sivan Shavit Cast

  13. Photo of Ofer Shikartsi

    Ofer Shikartsi Cast

  14. Photo of Jorge Gurvich

    Jorge Gurvich Cinematography

  15. Photo of Ilan Virtzberg

    Ilan Virtzberg Music

  16. Photo of Ehud Bleiberg

    Ehud Bleiberg Producer

  17. Photo of Enrike Guttenberg

    Enrike Guttenberg Producer