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  1. Il secondo maestro del revolver's rating of the film Hindered

  2. Frank ViSo's rating of the film Hindered

  3. Samuel T.'s rating of the film Hindered

    Rarely straying beyond cropped faces, hands, and feet, rarely engaged with dialogue, with a constant 90 minute doom loom of white noise akin to distant ship horns over lofty music box notes, we witness a concise portrayal, an encapsulation of how uncomfortable it is to be human, and it's not just of the physically disabled. Smiles are lies here. A wicked study of physiognomy via visual anatomy.

  4. εξώτερο Διάστημα's rating of the film Hindered

    She reminds me of an older sibling of Marnie (Funny Ha Ha), this girls dressed in seven veils of smiling sadness. Her painful rictus looks like that of people who would repeat a joke seventy times, each time surprised you didn't get it, rerunning it incessantly & staring with pitiful hope into your eyes: will you dig it this time and laugh? They would not change the joke, because they believe THAT specific wisecrack