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  1. Thomas's rating of the film Hinterland

    Affectionate though inexperiencedly handled. A well meaning first feature.

  2. Ashley Spendlove's rating of the film Hinterland

    A sweet little film. The depiction of childhood friends at a transitional stage in adulthood is especially poignant, perhaps to the extent that the other narrative elements (such as the frustrated longing) didn't need to be signposted. Beautifully shot too.

  3. Leon Berrange's rating of the film Hinterland

    A long road trip to very little. I heard/had these conversations before, and really they don't make much of an exciting movie. Yes it's wistful & pretty but that doesn't make great cinema. Having said the rude stuff, I can see why it's on Mubi, and I can see the director may have something more to offer in future... it's kinda hard getting that first movie made, and he did a great job at times.

  4. Jo D's rating of the film Hinterland

    Pretty but quite dull. Too flimsy.

  5. Jay Cantebrigge's rating of the film Hinterland

    Congratulations on making a feature out of what should have been a short. Not my cup of tea, but I can see why those who like it do so. For me though I found it quite jarring at times with script issues. Commendable effort, but way too long.

  6. raggiodisole's rating of the film Hinterland

    Took a little while to accustom myself to the conversational style, but I was soon charmed by it, and the sweet way it presented a friendship reheated

  7. racheljanecawley's rating of the film Hinterland

    Whilst some of the acting was rather clunky, I enjoyed the film for the beautifully shot images of Cornwall during winter; subject close to my heart as a road trip I have made many times in the past!

  8. P D Dawson's rating of the film Hinterland

    “A warm and affecting tale of friendship and unrequited love. I found this movie so enjoyable and it felt real. All in all a very nice debut from Harry Macqueen, and a great performance by Lori Campbell. ”

  9. JOHN ATHERTON's rating of the film Hinterland

    Nice film not great but ordinary dialogue thats refreshing compared to mainstream screen entertainment,

  10. Katie Goodwin's rating of the film Hinterland

    Disappointing. Best thing about it soundtrack.

  11. janh24's rating of the film Hinterland

    Quiet and affecting, with some excellent gestural observations that largely make up for the clunky scripting.

  12. Stew281's rating of the film Hinterland

    Hinterland is a film I wish I'd made. For a film so poetic and moving, it's hard to think that this was the director's first feature. Being so beautifully shot and constructed with such wonderfully human characters, this ranks at one of if not the top film of the year. I'll have to meet this Harry MacQueen in person to thank him for producing such a wonderful film. Britain is back, baby.

  13. Penelope q's rating of the film Hinterland

    A nice story of friendship and love, two people at different stage of their lifes. I liked the cinematography.

  14. jeremy r cole's rating of the film Hinterland

  15. Dylski's rating of the film Hinterland

    It was ok-nothing special

  16. Benrhy's rating of the film Hinterland

    This is like the opposite of reality TV. So much of which purports to show truth, but is contrived in every way and as a result says nothing. This says almost nothing so truthfully that it conjures reality out of fiction. Loved it. And actually it's worth it just for the shot of the wind turbine that appears to be blowing over a tree. Made my week that did :-)

  17. Alex Garrett-Jones's rating of the film Hinterland

    Nothing happens in this film. Just a bunch of rubbish boring dialogue between two not particularly interesting characters.

  18. nickolia's rating of the film Hinterland

    Badly written script - any tension / interest at the beginning of the film is then lost to an unnecessarily interminable car journey. Cinema needs to have some concentration or short cuts to keep us caring about the story. If it's too loose - as this film is - it becomes just like sitting in the car behind two people who are talking about stuff you're not really concerned by or interested in.

  19. Joseph Howe's rating of the film Hinterland

  20. pickly's rating of the film Hinterland

    Cliched and yet occasionally truthful. Boring at times like real life is, but with some genuine humour and I believed they could have been childhood friends - slightly awkward and yet familiar. A point in life when adulthood teeters on the brink. Introspective just as young people can be but maybe some outside voices would have been interesting.

  21. Peter Lewis's rating of the film Hinterland

    Some of the dialogue was a little forced but there was a good chemistry between the two and this saved it. I liked the use of soft focus and extreme long shots of the couple in empty space as this created a sort of bubble around the characters.

  22. Agne's rating of the film Hinterland

    Some nice shooting, but the familiar (self, friends, acquaintances?) characters are ruined by an absolute disinterest in any kind of prodding - they're one dimensional and boring. Which is sad, because the film's aesthetics could have been bound with some real meaning. Now it feels like reading someone's Facebook profiles...

  23. Huw Morgan's rating of the film Hinterland

  24. Tomas Manchester's rating of the film Hinterland

    One of the worst films I've ever seen. I would have left the screening 5 minutes in had I not paid £8 for the ticket. No - I'm not a philistine who 'didn't get it'. This is simply a pretentious attempt at art-house cinema by a first time director who should've realised he had nothing to say. The dialogue is trite and lame, and it stinks of Francophilia - the trouble is Harry, those guys actually had good ideas.

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