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  1. Photo of Luis Saslavsky

    Luis Saslavsky Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Alberto Etchebehere

    Alberto Etchebehere Cinematography

  3. Photo of Jorge Gárate

    Jorge Gárate Editing

  4. Photo of Nicolás Proserpio

    Nicolás Proserpio Editing

  5. Photo of Mario Maurano

    Mario Maurano Music

  6. Photo of Mario Fezia

    Mario Fezia Sound

  7. Photo of Luis Ortiz de Guinea

    Luis Ortiz de Guinea Sound

  8. Photo of Leo Perutz

    Leo Perutz Screenplay

  9. Photo of Carlos Aden

    Carlos Aden Screenplay

  10. Photo of Santiago Arrieta

    Santiago Arrieta Cast

  11. Photo of Sabina Olmos

    Sabina Olmos Cast

  12. Photo of Sebastián Chiola

    Sebastián Chiola Cast