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  1. Mihai Cristea's rating of the film Historic Centre

    Kaurismaki ***, Pedro Costa ***, Victor Erice ****, Manuel de Oliveira ***

  2. maksym hruszczenko's rating of the film Historic Centre

    Kaurismäki - 4, Costa - 5+, Erice - 4, Oliviera - 3

  3. fearraigh's rating of the film Historic Centre

    A rare example of a promotional portmanteau film being imbued with the personality of the directors involved. Kaurismaki, Costa and de Oliveira, in one of his last works, deliver neat little representative slices of their own cinema but it is Erice's documentary about a now-closed textiles factory that steals the show. A fine film produced by an admirable little town.

  4. Gioele's rating of the film Historic Centre

  5. Philippe Lajède's rating of the film Historic Centre

    Kaurismäki's short: 3.5, Costa's: 5, Erice's: 3.5, De Oliveira: 3.

  6. Jane de Deus's rating of the film Historic Centre

    Studied ritual in Kaurismaki's piece (the plot was crap, but plot schmot). Costa's was masterful poetry, though I couldn't connect. I have a great detached admiration for his work. Erice, Erice, Erice. Straight to the heart. So simple. Not sure what really happened in Oliveira's as it was hard to understand the megaphone, but got a kick out of it.

  7. Juan Javier's rating of the film Historic Centre

  8. vxpl's rating of the film Historic Centre

    5/5 for A. Kaurismaki's Tavern Man. I didn't like others as much.

  9. AEDR2's rating of the film Historic Centre

    El primer corto, genial!!!!!

  10. dionysus67's rating of the film Historic Centre

    An immensely rewarding potmenteau film with four gems. Kaurismaki does wonders with his usual colorfully mute stoicism, Costa's is a tour-de-force ascent from the Hades of history to the Light of Redemption, Erice's a stunning portrait of more than a century factory work, covering child labor, migration, alienation, solidarity, virtual capitalism and De Oliveira's a sweet final touch on the bulimic tourist gaze.

  11. guillermo's rating of the film Historic Centre

    poetry + politics + portuguese flavour = enhanced aesthetic experience

  12. Edwin Culp's rating of the film Historic Centre

    Four very inspiring short films, each with its own vision of a similar subject: what is the birthplace of Portugal today? What does it represent for Europe? It’s hard not to compare them: Erice’s and Costa’s involve a more paused and dense reflection through different layers of reality, but Kaurismaki’s and de Oliveira’s more comedic and apparently superficial approach is not to be overlooked.

  13. Mario C.'s rating of the film Historic Centre

    Not bad, but not so good. Kaurismaki does Kaurismaki, but nothing unforgettable and above all not connected to Guimaraes. Costa proposes the most interesting and powerful visual idea, but perhaps its part lasts too long. The documentary of Erice is a good historical testimony, but as a narrative it is really too static. Oliveira's is probably the most functional contribution to the idea of "short film on Guimaraes".

  14. vjeternik's rating of the film Historic Centre

    Despite the fact that Kaurismaki is one of the dearest human beings on Earth and that his films are usually the rare lights cast upon the bleak and the ugly products of the contemporary cinema, it's Victor Erice's segment the only one that was actually worth seeing here.

  15. oscaralejandrofigueroa's rating of the film Historic Centre

  16. Miller's Crossing's rating of the film Historic Centre

    Five stars for Erice's poignant segment. It is the masterpiece of this film. It holds all the subtlety the other segments are lacking so much. Costa's outré segment is formally impressive but feels underachieved considering it's obvious ambition and political underlying theme. Kaurismaki's and De Oliveira's are not even worth mentioning.

  17. Kevin Matthews's rating of the film Historic Centre

    Like most anthology movies, this has one or two that don't work as well as others. The first tale is great, the second was my least favourite, the third is both interesting and yet also a bit dull (due to the idea being stretched a bit too thin), and the brief final tale is a fun one to end on.

  18. Andrew's rating of the film Historic Centre

    If there is a central theme uniting these films, it is that of saudade, the bittersweet melancholy of loss. This came through most strongly for me in Erice's deeply humane film, with its compassionate trust in the power of human lives and human stories to create a drama of their own. I agree it does not display the stylistic virtuosity of Costa's piece but I found it deeply moving.

  19. Superfrog's rating of the film Historic Centre

    Shorts of various quality that did not leave much with me. The tavern is good, the Pedro Costa tiresome, the tourist one just a one liner. And the fourth one I have forgotten about.

  20. Daniel's rating of the film Historic Centre

    These collection of films starts with a real gem of a dark comedy by Kaurismaki and stumbles into fascinating although ultimately frustrating territory with Pedro Costa’s history-reliant theatrical short. Victor Erice’s documentary short impresses with his collaborative work with non-actors and really moves. Finally, master Oliveira’s micro-short takes the compilation to an abrupt ending but leaves you with a smile

  21. samba direito's rating of the film Historic Centre

  22. matelot's rating of the film Historic Centre

    Kaurismaki/Costa 4/5; Erice/De Oliveira 3/5

  23. Francisco R.'s rating of the film Historic Centre

    I've seen only Pedro Costa's segment and it's 5+ stars worth. It's a work that screams with anger and deep sorrow about an infernal past, but limiting itself only to evoke with a still, feverish intensity, images of an adult life lived in fear and desperation. It reminds one of an Aeschylus play in its way of conveying emotionally charged visions while staying most of time in the same confined space.

  24. naokoken's rating of the film Historic Centre

    Starts with an unhappy cafe owner? Then a man in pajamas and a soldier in an elevator that was like Derek Jarman meets Joseph Beuys. "Prime minister, bankruptcy! You're worshipping Satan, boy?" Loved the old factory worker photo and the interviews. "I'll be 77 soon, and I still don't know what happiness is. They talk about it all the time on TV. But to be honest, I'm not sure what it is." And then some tourists.

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