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  1. Photo of René Le Henaff

    René Le Henaff Director

  2. Photo of G.M. Martens

    G.M. Martens Screenplay

  3. Photo of André Obey

    André Obey Screenplay

  4. Photo of Raimu

    Raimu Cast

  5. Photo of Fernandel

    Fernandel Cast

  6. Photo of André Alerme

    André Alerme Cast

  7. Photo of Gaby André

    Gaby André Cast

  8. Photo of Jacques Beauvais

    Jacques Beauvais Cast

  9. Photo of Armand Bernard

    Armand Bernard Cast

  10. Photo of Therese Casier

    Therese Casier Cast

  11. Photo of Erno Crisa

    Erno Crisa Cast

  12. Photo of Jean-Daniel

    Jean-Daniel Cast

  13. Photo of Germaine Gerlata

    Germaine Gerlata Cast

  14. Photo of Claude Joseph

    Claude Joseph Cast

  15. Photo of Marcel Maupi

    Marcel Maupi Cast

  16. Photo of Auguste Mouriès

    Auguste Mouriès Cast

  17. Photo of Gaston Orbal

    Gaston Orbal Cast

  18. Photo of Félix Oudart

    Félix Oudart Cast

  19. Photo of Michèle Philippe

    Michèle Philippe Cast

  20. Photo of Piéral

    Piéral Cast

  21. Photo of Paul-Edmond Decharme

    Paul-Edmond Decharme Producer

  22. Photo of Jean Le Duc

    Jean Le Duc Producer

  23. Photo of Roger Sallard

    Roger Sallard Producer

  24. Photo of Claude Arrieu

    Claude Arrieu Music

  25. Photo of Marc Fossard

    Marc Fossard Cinematography

  26. Photo of Germaine Artus

    Germaine Artus Editing

  27. Photo of Louis Le Barbenchon

    Louis Le Barbenchon Production Design