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  1. Photo of Willi Forst

    Willi Forst Screenplay and Director

  2. Photo of Jochen Huth

    Jochen Huth Screenplay

  3. Photo of Renate Müller

    Renate Müller Cast

  4. Photo of Jenny Jugo

    Jenny Jugo Cast

  5. Photo of Anton Walbrook

    Anton Walbrook Cast

  6. Photo of Heinz Rühmann

    Heinz Rühmann Cast

  7. Photo of Hilde Hildebrand

    Hilde Hildebrand Cast

  8. Photo of Heinz Salfner

    Heinz Salfner Cast

  9. Photo of Will Dohm

    Will Dohm Cast

  10. Photo of Norma Wellhoff

    Norma Wellhoff Cast

  11. Photo of F.W. Schröder-Schrom

    F.W. Schröder-Schrom Cast

  12. Photo of Julia Serda

    Julia Serda Cast

  13. Photo of Toni Tetzlaff

    Toni Tetzlaff Cast

  14. Photo of Ingeborg Peter

    Ingeborg Peter Cast

  15. Photo of Erich Dunskus

    Erich Dunskus Cast

  16. Photo of Alfred Karen

    Alfred Karen Cast

  17. Photo of Ferdinand Robert

    Ferdinand Robert Cast

  18. Photo of Günther Vogdt

    Günther Vogdt Cast

  19. Photo of Margarethe von Ledebur

    Margarethe von Ledebur Cast

  20. Photo of Fritz Draeger

    Fritz Draeger Cast

  21. Photo of Gretel von Schrabich

    Gretel von Schrabich Cast

  22. Photo of Werner Bernhardy

    Werner Bernhardy Cast

  23. Photo of Gustav Mahnke

    Gustav Mahnke Cast

  24. Photo of Lieselotte Aureden

    Lieselotte Aureden Cast

  25. Photo of André Saint-Germain

    André Saint-Germain Cast

  26. Photo of Theodor Thony

    Theodor Thony Cast

  27. Photo of Paul Laven

    Paul Laven Cast

  28. Photo of Hans Joachim zum Sande

    Hans Joachim zum Sande Cast

  29. Photo of Willi Rose

    Willi Rose Cast

  30. Photo of Werner Bohne

    Werner Bohne Cinematography

  31. Photo of Theodore J. Pahle

    Theodore J. Pahle Cinematography

  32. Photo of Peter Kreuder

    Peter Kreuder Music

  33. Photo of Kurt Herlth

    Kurt Herlth Production Design

  34. Photo of Werner Schlichting

    Werner Schlichting Production Design

  35. Photo of Fritz Klotsch

    Fritz Klotsch Producer

  36. Photo of Hans Wolff

    Hans Wolff Editing

  37. Photo of Karl Becker-Reinhardt

    Karl Becker-Reinhardt Sound