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  1. Photo of Toyoo Ashida

    Toyoo Ashida Director

  2. Photo of Atsutoshi Umezawa

    Atsutoshi Umezawa Director

  3. Photo of Hiromichi Matano

    Hiromichi Matano Director

  4. Photo of Masahida Ishida

    Masahida Ishida Director

  5. Photo of Renji Kawabata

    Renji Kawabata Director

  6. Photo of Buronson

    Buronson Screenplay

  7. Photo of Tetsuo Hara

    Tetsuo Hara Screenplay

  8. Photo of Hiroshi Toda

    Hiroshi Toda Screenplay

  9. Photo of Yukiyoshi Ôhashi

    Yukiyoshi Ôhashi Screenplay

  10. Photo of Nozomi Aoki

    Nozomi Aoki Music

  11. Photo of Yoshio Sugwara

    Yoshio Sugwara Producer

  12. Photo of Yoshio Takami

    Yoshio Takami Executive Producer