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  1. Photo of Edward H. Griffith

    Edward H. Griffith Director

  2. Photo of E.B. Derr

    E.B. Derr Producer

  3. Photo of Philip Barry

    Philip Barry Screenplay

  4. Photo of Horace Jackson

    Horace Jackson Screenplay

  5. Photo of Norbert Brodine

    Norbert Brodine Cinematography

  6. Photo of Ann Harding

    Ann Harding Cast

  7. Photo of Mary Astor

    Mary Astor Cast

  8. Photo of Edward Everett Horton

    Edward Everett Horton Cast

  9. Photo of Robert Ames

    Robert Ames Cast

  10. Photo of Hedda Hopper

    Hedda Hopper Cast

  11. Photo of Monroe Owsley

    Monroe Owsley Cast

  12. Photo of William Holden

    William Holden Cast

  13. Photo of Elizabeth Forrester

    Elizabeth Forrester Cast

  14. Photo of Mabel Forrest

    Mabel Forrest Cast

  15. Photo of Creighton Hale

    Creighton Hale Cast

  16. Photo of Hallam Cooley

    Hallam Cooley Cast

  17. Photo of Mary Forbes

    Mary Forbes Cast

  18. Photo of Daniel Mandell

    Daniel Mandell Editing

  19. Photo of Josiah Zuro

    Josiah Zuro Music

  20. Photo of Gwen Wakeling

    Gwen Wakeling Costume Design