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  1. Photo of Mary Woronov

    Mary Woronov Cast

  2. Photo of Paul Bartel

    Paul Bartel Cast

  3. Photo of George Wagner

    George Wagner Cast

  4. Photo of Jonathan Kaplan

    Jonathan Kaplan Cast

  5. Photo of Tara Strohmeier

    Tara Strohmeier Cast

  6. Photo of Richard Doran

    Richard Doran Cast

  7. Photo of Candice Rialson

    Candice Rialson Cast

  8. Photo of Dick Miller

    Dick Miller Cast

  9. Photo of Rita Georg

    Rita Georg Cast

  10. Photo of Jeffrey Kramer

    Jeffrey Kramer Cast

  11. Photo of David Boyle

    David Boyle Cast

  12. Photo of Joseph McBride

    Joseph McBride Cast

  13. Photo of Charles B. Griffith

    Charles B. Griffith Cast

  14. Photo of Todd McCarthy

    Todd McCarthy Cast

  15. Photo of Forrest J. Ackerman

    Forrest J. Ackerman Cast

  16. Photo of Ron Gans

    Ron Gans Cast

  17. Photo of William Malone

    William Malone Cast

  18. Photo of Danny Opatoshu

    Danny Opatoshu Cast and Screenplay

  19. Photo of Lewis Teague

    Lewis Teague Cast

  20. Photo of Robby the Robot

    Robby the Robot Cast

  21. Photo of Jamie Anderson

    Jamie Anderson Cinematography

  22. Photo of Andy Stein

    Andy Stein Music

  23. Photo of Jon Davison

    Jon Davison Producer

  24. Photo of Teri Schwartz

    Teri Schwartz Producer

  25. Photo of Roger Corman

    Roger Corman Executive Producer

  26. Photo of Allan Arkush

    Allan Arkush Editing, Cast Director

  27. Photo of Joe Dante

    Joe Dante Editing, Director Cast

  28. Photo of Amy Holden Jones

    Amy Holden Jones Editing

  29. Photo of Richard L. Anderson

    Richard L. Anderson Sound

  30. Photo of Robert Gravenor

    Robert Gravenor Sound

  31. Photo of Jane Ruhm

    Jane Ruhm Costume Design

  32. Photo of Jack De Wolf

    Jack De Wolf Art Department

  33. Photo of Roger George

    Roger George Special Effects

  34. Photo of Robert Short

    Robert Short Special Effects