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  1. Photo of Delmer Daves

    Delmer Daves Screenplay and Director

  2. Photo of Jack Benny

    Jack Benny Cast

  3. Photo of Joe E. Brown

    Joe E. Brown Cast

  4. Photo of Eddie Cantor

    Eddie Cantor Cast

  5. Photo of Kitty Carlisle

    Kitty Carlisle Cast

  6. Photo of Jack Carson

    Jack Carson Cast

  7. Photo of Dane Clark

    Dane Clark Cast

  8. Photo of Joan Crawford

    Joan Crawford Cast

  9. Photo of Helmut Dantine

    Helmut Dantine Cast

  10. Photo of Bette Davis

    Bette Davis Cast

  11. Photo of Faye Emerson

    Faye Emerson Cast

  12. Photo of Victor Francen

    Victor Francen Cast

  13. Photo of John Garfield

    John Garfield Cast

  14. Photo of Sydney Greenstreet

    Sydney Greenstreet Cast

  15. Photo of Alan Hale

    Alan Hale Cast

  16. Photo of Paul Henreid

    Paul Henreid Cast

  17. Photo of Robert Hutton

    Robert Hutton Cast

  18. Photo of Andrea King

    Andrea King Cast

  19. Photo of Joan Leslie

    Joan Leslie Cast

  20. Photo of Peter Lorre

    Peter Lorre Cast

  21. Photo of Ida Lupino

    Ida Lupino Cast

  22. Photo of Irene Manning

    Irene Manning Cast

  23. Photo of Nora Martin

    Nora Martin Cast

  24. Photo of Joan McCracken

    Joan McCracken Cast

  25. Photo of Dolores Moran

    Dolores Moran Cast

  26. Photo of Dennis Morgan

    Dennis Morgan Cast

  27. Photo of Janis Paige

    Janis Paige Cast

  28. Photo of Eleanor Parker

    Eleanor Parker Cast

  29. Photo of William Prince

    William Prince Cast

  30. Photo of Joyce Reynolds

    Joyce Reynolds Cast

  31. Photo of John Ridgely

    John Ridgely Cast

  32. Photo of Roy Rogers

    Roy Rogers Cast

  33. Photo of Trigger

    Trigger Cast

  34. Photo of S.Z. Sakall

    S.Z. Sakall Cast

  35. Photo of Zachary Scott

    Zachary Scott Cast

  36. Photo of Alexis Smith

    Alexis Smith Cast

  37. Photo of Barbara Stanwyck

    Barbara Stanwyck Cast

  38. Photo of Craig Stevens

    Craig Stevens Cast

  39. Photo of Joseph Szigeti

    Joseph Szigeti Cast

  40. Photo of Donald Woods

    Donald Woods Cast

  41. Photo of Jane Wyman

    Jane Wyman Cast

  42. Photo of Bert Glennon

    Bert Glennon Cinematography

  43. Photo of Leo K. Kuter

    Leo K. Kuter Production Design

  44. Photo of Alex Gottlieb

    Alex Gottlieb Producer

  45. Photo of Jack L. Warner

    Jack L. Warner Executive Producer

  46. Photo of Christian Nyby

    Christian Nyby Editing