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  1. Photo of Ron Blackman

    Ron Blackman Director and Producer

  2. Photo of Bruce Goldstein

    Bruce Goldstein Director and Screenplay

  3. Photo of Stanley Sheff

    Stanley Sheff Director

  4. Photo of Gig Young

    Gig Young Self

  5. Photo of Bud Abbott

    Bud Abbott Self

  6. Photo of Walter Abel

    Walter Abel Self

  7. Photo of Katharine Alexander

    Katharine Alexander Self

  8. Photo of Ray Anthony

    Ray Anthony Self

  9. Photo of Desi Arnaz

    Desi Arnaz Self

  10. Photo of Mischa Auer

    Mischa Auer Self

  11. Photo of Lauren Bacall

    Lauren Bacall Self

  12. Photo of Max Baer

    Max Baer Self

  13. Photo of Fay Bainter

    Fay Bainter Self

  14. Photo of Lucille Ball

    Lucille Ball Self

  15. Photo of George Bancroft

    George Bancroft Self

  16. Photo of Rex Bell

    Rex Bell Self

  17. Photo of Constance Bennett

    Constance Bennett Self

  18. Photo of Humphrey Bogart

    Humphrey Bogart Self

  19. Photo of Ward Bond

    Ward Bond Self

  20. Photo of Eddie Borden

    Eddie Borden Self

  21. Photo of George Brent

    George Brent Self

  22. Photo of Joe E. Brown

    Joe E. Brown Self

  23. Photo of Edgar Buchanan

    Edgar Buchanan Self

  24. Photo of Raymond Burr

    Raymond Burr Self

  25. Photo of James Cagney

    James Cagney Self

  26. Photo of Frank Capra

    Frank Capra Self

  27. Photo of Sue Carol

    Sue Carol Self

  28. Photo of John Carroll

    John Carroll Self

  29. Photo of Jack Carson

    Jack Carson Self

  30. Photo of Elise Cavanna

    Elise Cavanna Self

  31. Photo of Charlie Chaplin

    Charlie Chaplin Self

  32. Photo of Russ Columbo

    Russ Columbo Self

  33. Photo of Richard Conte

    Richard Conte Self

  34. Photo of Jackie Cooper

    Jackie Cooper Self

  35. Photo of Lou Costello

    Lou Costello Self

  36. Photo of Joan Crawford

    Joan Crawford Self

  37. Photo of Donald Crisp

    Donald Crisp Self

  38. Photo of Tony Curtis

    Tony Curtis Self

  39. Photo of Bette Davis

    Bette Davis Self

  40. Photo of Doris Day

    Doris Day Self

  41. Photo of Olivia de Havilland

    Olivia de Havilland Self

  42. Photo of James Dean

    James Dean Self

  43. Photo of Cecil B. DeMille

    Cecil B. DeMille Self

  44. Photo of Jack Dempsey

    Jack Dempsey Self

  45. Photo of Gloria Dickson

    Gloria Dickson Self

  46. Photo of Robert Donat

    Robert Donat Self

  47. Photo of Ruth Donnelly

    Ruth Donnelly Self

  48. Photo of Stuart Erwin

    Stuart Erwin Self

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