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  1. Photo of Jodie Foster

    Jodie Foster Director and Producer

  2. Photo of Chris Radant

    Chris Radant Screenplay

  3. Photo of W.D. Richter

    W.D. Richter Screenplay

  4. Photo of Holly Hunter

    Holly Hunter Cast

  5. Photo of Robert Downey Jr.

    Robert Downey Jr. Cast

  6. Photo of Anne Bancroft

    Anne Bancroft Cast

  7. Photo of Claire Danes

    Claire Danes Cast

  8. Photo of Charles Durning

    Charles Durning Cast

  9. Photo of Dylan McDermott

    Dylan McDermott Cast

  10. Photo of Geraldine Chaplin

    Geraldine Chaplin Cast

  11. Photo of Steve Guttenberg

    Steve Guttenberg Cast

  12. Photo of Cynthia Stevenson

    Cynthia Stevenson Cast

  13. Photo of David Strathairn

    David Strathairn Cast

  14. Photo of Amy Yasbeck

    Amy Yasbeck Cast

  15. Photo of Lajos Koltai

    Lajos Koltai Cinematography

  16. Photo of Mark Isham

    Mark Isham Music

  17. Photo of Andrew McAlpine

    Andrew McAlpine Production Design

  18. Photo of Peggy Rajski

    Peggy Rajski Producer

  19. Photo of Stuart Kleinman

    Stuart Kleinman Executive Producer

  20. Photo of Lynzee Klingman

    Lynzee Klingman Editing