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  1. Photo of Benoît Lamy

    Benoît Lamy Director, Screenplay

  2. Photo of Rudolph Pauli

    Rudolph Pauli Screenplay

  3. Photo of Jacqueline Pierreux

    Jacqueline Pierreux Producer

  4. Photo of Walter Heynen

    Walter Heynen Music

  5. Photo of Wannes van de Velde

    Wannes van de Velde Music

  6. Photo of Michel Baudour

    Michel Baudour Cinematography

  7. Photo of Guido Henderickx

    Guido Henderickx Editing

  8. Photo of Frank Struys

    Frank Struys Sound

  9. Photo of Claude Jade

    Claude Jade Cast

  10. Photo of Jacques Perrin

    Jacques Perrin Cast, Producer

  11. Photo of Ann Petersen

    Ann Petersen Cast

  12. Photo of Marcel Josz

    Marcel Josz Cast

  13. Photo of Jane Meuris

    Jane Meuris Cast

  14. Photo of Elise Mertens

    Elise Mertens Cast

  15. Photo of Jacques Lippe

    Jacques Lippe Cast

  16. Photo of Andrée Garnier

    Andrée Garnier Cast

  17. Photo of Dynma Appelmans

    Dynma Appelmans Cast