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  1. Photo of Terence Fisher

    Terence Fisher Director

  2. Photo of Ian Stuart Black

    Ian Stuart Black Screenplay

  3. Photo of Francis Edge

    Francis Edge Screenplay and Editing

  4. Photo of John Temple-Smith

    John Temple-Smith Screenplay

  5. Photo of Guy Rolfe

    Guy Rolfe Cast

  6. Photo of Rona Anderson

    Rona Anderson Cast

  7. Photo of Francis Lister

    Francis Lister Cast

  8. Photo of Alan Wheatley

    Alan Wheatley Cast

  9. Photo of Bruce Belfrage

    Bruce Belfrage Cast

  10. Photo of Peter Jones

    Peter Jones Cast

  11. Photo of Stanley Baker

    Stanley Baker Cast

  12. Photo of Dennis Harkin

    Dennis Harkin Cast

  13. Photo of Philo Hauser

    Philo Hauser Cast

  14. Photo of Cyril Conway

    Cyril Conway Cast

  15. Photo of Frederick Buckland

    Frederick Buckland Cast

  16. Photo of Amy Dalby

    Amy Dalby Cast

  17. Photo of Toni Frost

    Toni Frost Cast

  18. Photo of Betty Henderson

    Betty Henderson Cast

  19. Photo of Christopher Hodge

    Christopher Hodge Cast

  20. Photo of Glyn Houston

    Glyn Houston Cast

  21. Photo of Joe Stern

    Joe Stern Cast

  22. Photo of Reginald H. Wyer

    Reginald H. Wyer Cinematography

  23. Photo of Malcolm Arnold

    Malcolm Arnold Music

  24. Photo of Cedric Dawe

    Cedric Dawe Production Design

  25. Photo of Lance Comfort

    Lance Comfort Producer

  26. Photo of George Burgess

    George Burgess Sound