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  1. Photo of Bruce Ross-Smith

    Bruce Ross-Smith Director

  2. Photo of David Lee

    David Lee Director

  3. Photo of Gary Conway

    Gary Conway Director

  4. Photo of Athol Charwood

    Athol Charwood Director

  5. Photo of Alex Emanuel

    Alex Emanuel Director

  6. Photo of Ken Fitzgerald

    Ken Fitzgerald Director

  7. Photo of Ian Bennett

    Ian Bennett Director

  8. Photo of George Miller

    George Miller Director

  9. Photo of Richard Franklin

    Richard Franklin Director

  10. Photo of Simon Wincer

    Simon Wincer Director

  11. Photo of Paul Jansen

    Paul Jansen Director

  12. Photo of David Pulbrook

    David Pulbrook Director

  13. Photo of Andrew Swanson

    Andrew Swanson Director

  14. Photo of Graeme Arthur

    Graeme Arthur Director

  15. Photo of Peter Bray

    Peter Bray Director

  16. Photo of Igor Auzins

    Igor Auzins Director

  17. Photo of Kevin Dobson

    Kevin Dobson Director

  18. Photo of Ian Jones

    Ian Jones Screenplay and Director

  19. Photo of Phil Freedman

    Phil Freedman Screenplay

  20. Photo of Della Foss-Paine

    Della Foss-Paine Screenplay

  21. Photo of Terry Stapleton

    Terry Stapleton Screenplay

  22. Photo of Douglas Tainsh

    Douglas Tainsh Screenplay

  23. Photo of John Bragg

    John Bragg Screenplay

  24. Photo of John Dingwall

    John Dingwall Screenplay

  25. Photo of Monte Miller

    Monte Miller Screenplay

  26. Photo of Luis Bayonas

    Luis Bayonas Screenplay

  27. Photo of Ron McLean

    Ron McLean Screenplay

  28. Photo of James Davern

    James Davern Screenplay

  29. Photo of Colin Eggleston

    Colin Eggleston Screenplay

  30. Photo of Keith Hetherington

    Keith Hetherington Screenplay

  31. Photo of Fred Parsons

    Fred Parsons Screenplay

  32. Photo of Brian Faull

    Brian Faull Screenplay

  33. Photo of Amanda Spry

    Amanda Spry Screenplay

  34. Photo of Tom Hegarty

    Tom Hegarty Screenplay

  35. Photo of Vincent Moran

    Vincent Moran Screenplay

  36. Photo of David Boutland

    David Boutland Screenplay

  37. Photo of John Drew

    John Drew Screenplay

  38. Photo of Jim Simmonds

    Jim Simmonds Screenplay

  39. Photo of Keith Thompson

    Keith Thompson Screenplay

  40. Photo of John Fegan

    John Fegan Cast

  41. Photo of Leonard Teale

    Leonard Teale Cast

  42. Photo of Leslie Dayman

    Leslie Dayman Cast

  43. Photo of Gary Day

    Gary Day Cast

  44. Photo of Charles 'Bud' Tingwell

    Charles 'Bud' Tingwell Cast

  45. Photo of George Mallaby

    George Mallaby Cast and Screenplay

  46. Photo of Alwyn Kurts

    Alwyn Kurts Cast

  47. Photo of Mike Preston

    Mike Preston Cast

  48. Photo of John Stanton

    John Stanton Cast

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