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  1. DanielJD's rating of the film Homo sapiens

    My only 5/5 for 2017 so far. Stunning piece of art.

  2. JoAnne Voightlander's rating of the film Homo sapiens

    This film is like browsing an elegant photography book from the universe of Harry Potter: beautifully shot images that *move*. Take your time and explore each picture with your eyes; enjoy the experience. Those who are fascinated by the natural art of decay and ruin will find much to love here. My plainest description: the most professionally produced photo slideshow ever.

  3. Samuel Wells's rating of the film Homo sapiens

    Surreal, detached, existentialist. A dystopian present. And it is so damn beautiful. It takes the cold lens and looks at what humanity has created and left behind. It does not hide the ugly things. Instead it takes these things and finds a way to make them something magical. It captures sound of nature and civilization interacting poignantly and clearly. Each moment there is so much to take in. A new distraction.

  4. Eric Rucker's rating of the film Homo sapiens

    If any proof was needed that what James Benning does is far, far more than a set of formal strategies, this film underlines it in fat marker three times. Too many Benning imitators who don't get it.

  5. msmichel's rating of the film Homo sapiens

    'Cause you know how time fades away.' Geyrhalter's magnificent work looks at structures and buildings abandoned by the title character and nature's way of reclaiming them. Fascinating and enthralling without a word spoken or a human being seen.

  6. EdieEmm's rating of the film Homo sapiens

    Ideally this would've been shot on film, subject to its own inevitable decay! As is, I dunno. I love contemplative long takes but here, they just made me think of maybe a small crew behind the camera; their coffees… At times, you hear the wind slap the mic. Ineffectual. Kinda like, a conceptual cop-out. Meh. 2.5

  7. darioscha's rating of the film Homo sapiens

    Sólo imágenes y sonido. Luz y espacio. Una contemplación estética de paisajes abandonados y comidos por el tiempo. Estética de lo desgastado.

  8. ada stan's rating of the film Homo sapiens

  9. sksksksk's rating of the film Homo sapiens

    The post-apocalyptic screensavers take flight

  10. beatrizatriz's rating of the film Homo sapiens

    This was beautiful and boring.

  11. David Sindmark Hörnfeldt's rating of the film Homo sapiens

    The most beautiful things I know are empty places that shouldn't be empty: schools, parking lots, malls. It never wallows in it's own slow pace.

  12. Dada Kubin's rating of the film Homo sapiens

    This is what we leave behind. Structures, spaces, papers and pens. Haunted places. Perhaps some day some other animals will take over them after nature has altered them; perhaps in the far future some will be able to pose the question, what were these made for and whatever happened to the ones who made them. You can’t really avoid these thoughts while watching these beautiful but distressing images.

  13. dreamseed's rating of the film Homo sapiens

    Junkyard planet, how curious the explorer, if there's one!

  14. Jacques de Villiers's rating of the film Homo sapiens

    A movie that left me with a sense of utter calm and (dare I say it) contentment at the knowledge that life will go on after I've left it. Homo Sapiens not only did something with the cinematic medium I'd never seen before, but also made me feel and think in a way I'd never done before - and in a way that only the cinematic medium, with its foregrounding of time and an encounter with the nonhuman, could enable.

  15. David R Williams's rating of the film Homo sapiens

    One day all the humans vanish. Their architecture, slowly at first then increasingly with time, falls to ruin. The rain falls. Wind blows. Birds sing. The world goes about its business. Nothing notices that humans are gone. Nothing cares.

  16. Cristina Serrat's rating of the film Homo sapiens

    Maravillada con este docu sobre espacios abandonados por los humanos que los construyeron. Excelentes imágenes y diseño de sonido. Cine post-humano.

  17. DSPRKY's rating of the film Homo sapiens

    Don't be fooled by the apparent similarity to those dumb listicles Buzzfeed publishes every now and again; this is not just a collection of pretty images and abandoned spaces. Much of the beauty here is interstitial, in the way the images feed into each other. There's a cut near the end where the seasons change abruptly that is one of the finer editorial decisions I've seen in a while.

  18. Barajag's rating of the film Homo sapiens

    Fascinating images of abandoned places and great photography. And that's it.

  19. Hampus Lindblad's rating of the film Homo sapiens

  20. lou.'s rating of the film Homo sapiens

    A long sequence of 'living pictures' of wrecked and abandoned places. No human trace, only Nature survives, despite all, beyond everything: hear its breath of life, through the rustle amidst the ruins.It feels like forever. You have the sense of History, past and future at once, in the void all around. There still is everywhere the inner beauty of geometry, even if it's disrupted and corrupted.

  21. Emil's rating of the film Homo sapiens

    Esta muy bien echa. Deja muy claro cual será nuestro rastro en el futuro, al menos el material. Al principio me parecia aburrida, pero luego le he pillado el punto .

  22. Samuel T.'s rating of the film Homo sapiens

    This left me with a weird taste in my mouth, like I had just visited a Yale MFA thesis exhibition. "Sterile Beauty" could have been the title of the imagined exhibition.

  23. Monkey Flix's rating of the film Homo sapiens

    It's immensely fascinating, but I can't watch 90 minutes of it. A 15-minute short would have been way more effective.

  24. ShawnD's rating of the film Homo sapiens

    As a museum exhibit or short film this would be excellent. As a feature-length film it loses steam after about 10 minutes. The pictures are powerful, but they're just pictures, not moving pictures.

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