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  1. Photo of Otto Rippert

    Otto Rippert Director

  2. Photo of Robert Reinert

    Robert Reinert Screenplay

  3. Photo of Hanns Lippmann

    Hanns Lippmann Producer

  4. Photo of Carl Hoffmann

    Carl Hoffmann Cinematography

  5. Photo of Robert A. Dietrich

    Robert A. Dietrich Production Design

  6. Photo of Olaf Fønss

    Olaf Fønss Cast

  7. Photo of Ernst Ludwig

    Ernst Ludwig Cast

  8. Photo of Adolf Paul

    Adolf Paul Cast

  9. Photo of Albert Paul

    Albert Paul Cast

  10. Photo of Lore Rückert

    Lore Rückert Cast

  11. Photo of Max Ruhbeck

    Max Ruhbeck Cast

  12. Photo of Lia Borré

    Lia Borré Cast

  13. Photo of Friedrich Kühne

    Friedrich Kühne Cast

  14. Photo of Theodor Loos

    Theodor Loos Cast

  15. Photo of Mechthildis Thein

    Mechthildis Thein Cast

  16. Photo of Aud Egede Nissen

    Aud Egede Nissen Cast

  17. Photo of Josef Bunzl

    Josef Bunzl Cast