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  1. Photo of Mika Kaurismäki

    Mika Kaurismäki Director, Screenplay, Editing Cast

  2. Photo of Eike Goreczka

    Eike Goreczka Screenplay

  3. Photo of Henry Thomas

    Henry Thomas Cast

  4. Photo of Irina Björklund

    Irina Björklund Cast

  5. Photo of Helmut Berger

    Helmut Berger Cast

  6. Photo of Kari Väänänen

    Kari Väänänen Cast

  7. Photo of Yelena Gorbunova

    Yelena Gorbunova Cast

  8. Photo of Katerina Golanova

    Katerina Golanova Cast

  9. Photo of Aleksandrs Radzevics

    Aleksandrs Radzevics Cast

  10. Photo of Bela B. Felsenheimer

    Bela B. Felsenheimer Cast

  11. Photo of Kai Wiesinger

    Kai Wiesinger Cast

  12. Photo of Peter Franzén

    Peter Franzén Cast

  13. Photo of Maria Kaurismäki

    Maria Kaurismäki Cast

  14. Photo of Bridge Markland

    Bridge Markland Cast

  15. Photo of Timo Salminen

    Timo Salminen Cinematography

  16. Photo of Uwe Dresch

    Uwe Dresch Music

  17. Photo of Andreas Schilling

    Andreas Schilling Music

  18. Photo of Jurģis Karsons

    Jurģis Karsons Production Design

  19. Photo of Peter Weber

    Peter Weber Production Design

  20. Photo of Sergey Melkumov

    Sergey Melkumov Producer

  21. Photo of Ulrich Meyszies

    Ulrich Meyszies Producer and Screenplay

  22. Photo of Yelena Yatsura

    Yelena Yatsura Producer

  23. Photo of Karen Harley

    Karen Harley Editing