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  1. Photo of Randal Kleiser

    Randal Kleiser Director

  2. Photo of Stuart Gordon

    Stuart Gordon Screenplay, Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Brian Yuzna

    Brian Yuzna Screenplay

  4. Photo of Ed Naha

    Ed Naha Screenplay

  5. Photo of Garry Goodrow

    Garry Goodrow Screenplay

  6. Photo of Thom Eberhardt

    Thom Eberhardt Screenplay

  7. Photo of Peter Elbling

    Peter Elbling Screenplay

  8. Photo of Edward S. Feldman

    Edward S. Feldman Producer

  9. Photo of Dawn Steel

    Dawn Steel Producer

  10. Photo of Albert Band

    Albert Band Executive Producer

  11. Photo of Bruce Broughton

    Bruce Broughton Music

  12. Photo of George D. Dodge

    George D. Dodge Cinematography

  13. Photo of John Hora

    John Hora Cinematography

  14. Photo of Harry Hitner

    Harry Hitner Editing

  15. Photo of Michael A. Stevenson

    Michael A. Stevenson Editing

  16. Photo of Leslie Dilley

    Leslie Dilley Production Design

  17. Photo of John T. Reitz

    John T. Reitz Sound

  18. Photo of Gregg Rudloff

    Gregg Rudloff Sound

  19. Photo of Rick Moranis

    Rick Moranis Cast

  20. Photo of Marcia Strassman

    Marcia Strassman Cast

  21. Photo of Robert Oliveri

    Robert Oliveri Cast

  22. Photo of Daniel Shalikar

    Daniel Shalikar Cast

  23. Photo of Joshua Shalikar

    Joshua Shalikar Cast

  24. Photo of Lloyd Bridges

    Lloyd Bridges Cast

  25. Photo of John Shea

    John Shea Cast

  26. Photo of Keri Russell

    Keri Russell Cast

  27. Photo of Ron Canada

    Ron Canada Cast

  28. Photo of Amy O'Neill

    Amy O'Neill Cast

  29. Photo of Michael Milhoan

    Michael Milhoan Cast

  30. Photo of Gregory Sierra

    Gregory Sierra Cast

  31. Photo of Leslie Neale

    Leslie Neale Cast

  32. Photo of Julia Sweeney

    Julia Sweeney Cast

  33. Photo of Linda Carlson

    Linda Carlson Cast

  34. Photo of Lisa Mende

    Lisa Mende Cast

  35. Photo of John Paragon

    John Paragon Cast

  36. Photo of Kenneth Tobey

    Kenneth Tobey Cast

  37. Photo of Bill Moseley

    Bill Moseley Cast

  38. Photo of Ed Feldman

    Ed Feldman Cast

  39. Photo of Suzanne Kent

    Suzanne Kent Cast

  40. Photo of Alex Daniels

    Alex Daniels Cast