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  1. Photo of Paul Wendkos

    Paul Wendkos Director

  2. Photo of Harold D. Cohen

    Harold D. Cohen Producer

  3. Photo of Charles W. Fries

    Charles W. Fries Producer

  4. Photo of Lewis John Carlino

    Lewis John Carlino Screenplay

  5. Photo of Gay Talese

    Gay Talese Screenplay

  6. Photo of Arthur J. Ornitz

    Arthur J. Ornitz Cinematography

  7. Photo of Howard Schwartz

    Howard Schwartz Cinematography

  8. Photo of Richard Halsey

    Richard Halsey Editing

  9. Photo of George Duning

    George Duning Music

  10. Photo of Roger Sword

    Roger Sword Sound

  11. Photo of Dennis L. Maitland

    Dennis L. Maitland Sound

  12. Photo of Robert J. Litt

    Robert J. Litt Sound

  13. Photo of Bill Edmondson

    Bill Edmondson Sound

  14. Photo of Charles L. Campbell

    Charles L. Campbell Sound

  15. Photo of Joseph Bologna

    Joseph Bologna Cast

  16. Photo of Brenda Vaccaro

    Brenda Vaccaro Cast

  17. Photo of Raf Vallone

    Raf Vallone Cast

  18. Photo of Richard S. Castellano

    Richard S. Castellano Cast

  19. Photo of Joe De Santis

    Joe De Santis Cast

  20. Photo of Gilbert Green

    Gilbert Green Cast

  21. Photo of Marc Lawrence

    Marc Lawrence Cast

  22. Photo of Louis Zorich

    Louis Zorich Cast

  23. Photo of Felice Orlandi

    Felice Orlandi Cast

  24. Photo of James Sloyan

    James Sloyan Cast