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  1. Photo of Frederick Marx

    Frederick Marx Producer and Editing

  2. Photo of Peter Gilbert

    Peter Gilbert Producer and Screenplay

  3. Photo of William Haugse

    William Haugse Editing

  4. Photo of Gordon Quinn

    Gordon Quinn Producer

  5. Photo of Adam Singer

    Adam Singer Sound

  6. Photo of Tom Yore

    Tom Yore Sound

  7. Photo of Steve James

    Steve James Cast, Editing, Director Producer

  8. Photo of William Gates

    William Gates Cast

  9. Photo of Arthur “Man” Agee, Jr.

    Arthur “Man” Agee, Jr. Cast

  10. Photo of Emma Gates

    Emma Gates Cast

  11. Photo of Curtis Gates

    Curtis Gates Cast

  12. Photo of Arthur “Bo” Agee, Sr.

    Arthur “Bo” Agee, Sr. Cast

  13. Photo of Sheila Agee

    Sheila Agee Cast

  14. Photo of Joe “Sweetie” Agee

    Joe “Sweetie” Agee Cast

  15. Photo of Tomika “Tony” Agee

    Tomika “Tony” Agee Cast

  16. Photo of Earl Smith

    Earl Smith Cast

  17. Photo of Isiah Thomas

    Isiah Thomas Cast

  18. Photo of Spike Lee

    Spike Lee Cast

  19. Photo of Bobby Knight

    Bobby Knight Cast