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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Anca Tudose's rating of the film Hop

  2. ap's rating of the film Hop

    1.5. So-bad-and-racist-it's-good kind of movie.

  3. Yass's rating of the film Hop

    Gross pile of shit. Even Hasselhoff couldn't make it any better with his shitty reference to Michael Knight. Is there any director who could make a decent movie for the kids ?

  4. Nutter Jr's rating of the film Hop

    Cute at points, but insignificant overall. Mental note: not all cartoons are worth going to the movies for with the children. Some can wait for DVD release, or even let the little ones watch them alone.

  5. Max the Movie Guy's rating of the film Hop

    This has more creative vision, silliness and a little more wit than many other live-action/CG hyrbids, as most of the rest are just made out of classic cartoons, but the big problem with Hop is that jelly bean dispenser jokes just aren't subtle.