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Ratings & Reviews

  1. meepy's rating of the film Hope

    Have you ever cried for 123 minutes straight????????

  2. Maoolina Fajrini's rating of the film Hope

    this film is seriously slow-paced and painful to watch (by painful, I mean I could shed a tear for every line that girl speaks about). she could express the pain that every child victim had gone through. and as I knew this movie is based on a true event, it made me furious

  3. dianka's rating of the film Hope

    Fuck this movie . I've run out of body water

  4. nadnab's rating of the film Hope

  5. biancamotta's rating of the film Hope

  6. Nachtreich's rating of the film Hope

  7. teler_thriller's rating of the film Hope

    This movie is different than the other movies that I've recently watched, This is about the relationship between a daughter and her father, how the things change because of 'a circumstance' and how So Won transforms into a real hope for the family, especially the father.

  8. ughchenausea's rating of the film Hope

    questo film mi ha stravolta, è di una bellezza unica. non serve parlarne, si guarda e si vive, basta. il cinema coreano è una benedizione.

  9. Federico Di Folco's rating of the film Hope

    Difficile da giudicare,perchè la trama è già vista e la regia almeno per un'ora è piatta e senza il minimo sussulto. Poi però Joon-Ik sembra accorgesene,spinge di più sull emozionale e riesce ad elevarsi,anche se colpisce più per l evoluzione del padre che per il dolore di Hope. Costruisce anche un bel finale,ma la sensazione di amaro in bocca resta comunque ed è un peccato,perchè storia e talento c'erano tutte.

  10. bo.ra's rating of the film Hope

    tragic but still manages to be cute.

  11. Elayla's rating of the film Hope

    The first half left me in tears and kind of scared.

  12. Disa's rating of the film Hope

    one of the most painful movies I have watched. sexual abuse victim tries to get back on her feet with her family help. burst into tears after the first 30 mins.