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  1. Bonnet Michel's rating of the film Hope

  2. FISCHER's rating of the film Hope

    Oeuvre puissante dénonçant déjà une scandaleuse situation politique dans la Turquie des généraux et dévoilant l'existence d'un véritable cinéaste de premier ordre.

  3. dionysus67's rating of the film Hope

    One of Güney's very best films, this bucolic tale captures with admirable authenticity and conviction the hardships of a poor family, the chimerical hopes and the prejudiced, irrational universe that surrounds their quest for a burried treasure. Like all good folk parables the real treasure lies in the journey itself, depicted here against a sparse and unwelcoming countryside. The final sequence is engrossing!

  4. Erdinc Sivritepe's rating of the film Hope

    My favourite Turkish film of all

  5. kartina obskura's rating of the film Hope

  6. Güven Şahinkanat's rating of the film Hope

    remarkable . There is a strong political editing in the movie also it has authentic realist political film language.

  7. Cengizhan Kurnaz's rating of the film Hope

    Bunu beğenen Ladri di Biciclette'yi(Bisiklet Hırsızları) de beğendi ya da Ladri di Biciclette'yi beğenen Umut'u beğendi.

  8. Ahmet UJeschk's rating of the film Hope

    After you watch this "rich" film, you'll be convinced that majority of "Yesilcam" is soap-opera. The bazaar scenes reminds you Ladri di biciclette. Wide street scenes reminds you french film-noir. There are lots of inspirations in the film, but it has an originality completely.

  9. Mr. Dude_o_o's rating of the film Hope

    Mesmerizing on many levels. Story, acting, style, few nice experimental attempts. And that wonderful ending... Hope, it never ends.

  10. bertan gökmen's rating of the film Hope

    yılmaz güneyin türkiye toplumunun cehaletini ve yoksulluğunu tokat gibi bir filmle anlattığı başyapıtı. toplumcu gerçekçi sinemanın en önemli kilometre taşı.

  11. Ender UÇUM's rating of the film Hope

    Yılmaz Güney'in kesinlikle en iyi filmi...

  12. nein's rating of the film Hope

    A moving analysis of poverty. It depics what it may cause. Güney shows his thoughts on ideologies. Everyone here is disappointed with their lives, children think it's the way it has to be and deviance inevitably deepens. The adults do nothing to change it except to believe in luck or magic. But they should know it already: hope is not enough. The striking ending of this movie shows it well.

  13. Egmond-Gabriel Dulman's rating of the film Hope

    The movie looks great, but for some reason the last 15 minutes seem to be damaged somehow, cause the video always stops about that point and cannot go any further. So I am unable to watch the end of it. :(

  14. mgaspa's rating of the film Hope

    Bana göre bu flmi bir "master/work" dir. Neden bu fılmı Ispanya sinemalarda seyredermez ? Bravo Yılmaz Güney Bravo !!!!!!!

  15. msmichel's rating of the film Hope

    A horse cab driver barely making a living for his family is thrown into despair when he loses the ability to continue his trade. He is then talked into a quest for buried treasure by a friend and a so-called mystic and the feelings of hope he once put into lottery tickets are drawn to an even more elusive prosperity. Turkish neo-realism that though a tad overlong delivers a good punch to the senses.

  16. Vladimir's rating of the film Hope

    A very nice piece of neo-realism. This film reminds me roughly of one of my favorite films, the Italian 'Ladri Di Biciclette' directed by Vittorio De Sica (1948).

  17. Lorna Singh's rating of the film Hope

    Turkey at a crossroads. A realistic look at desperation in the face of poverty.

  18. Jakob Larsson's rating of the film Hope

    It's a bit of a poor man's De Sica/Ray but still pretty good.

  19. Timothy Phillips's rating of the film Hope

    The subtitling is not great but the film is.

  20. entelvaros's rating of the film Hope

    Zenginlerin şansı ceplerinin şişkinliği, onları bu sıcak tutuyor. Fakirler ise doğuştan şanssızlar, onları sıcak tutan ise "umut"ları.

  21. rian's rating of the film Hope

    the ending makes me shiver

  22. Garçon Manqué's rating of the film Hope

    actually, this film is directed only by yılmaz güney. şerif gören collaborated with güney on writing the scenario.please correct it, this is such a common mistake.

  23. Drew Millay's rating of the film Hope

    Excellence. The end is especially wonderful.