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  1. Photo of Ronald Neame

    Ronald Neame Director

  2. Photo of Edie Landau

    Edie Landau Producer

  3. Photo of Brian Garfield

    Brian Garfield Screenplay

  4. Photo of Bryan Forbes

    Bryan Forbes Screenplay

  5. Photo of William Creber

    William Creber Production Design

  6. Photo of Arthur Ibbetson

    Arthur Ibbetson Cinematography

  7. Photo of Carl Kress

    Carl Kress Editing

  8. Photo of Ian Fraser

    Ian Fraser Music

  9. Photo of Otto Plaschkes

    Otto Plaschkes Executive producer

  10. Photo of Walter Matthau

    Walter Matthau Cast

  11. Photo of Glenda Jackson

    Glenda Jackson Cast

  12. Photo of Sam Waterston

    Sam Waterston Cast

  13. Photo of Ned Beatty

    Ned Beatty Cast

  14. Photo of Herbert Lom

    Herbert Lom Cast

  15. Photo of David Matthau

    David Matthau Cast

  16. Photo of George Baker

    George Baker Cast

  17. Photo of Ivor Roberts

    Ivor Roberts Cast

  18. Photo of Lucy Saroyan

    Lucy Saroyan Cast

  19. Photo of Severn Darden

    Severn Darden Cast

  20. Photo of Ely A. Landau

    Ely A. Landau Producer

  21. Photo of Douglas Dirkson

    Douglas Dirkson Cast

  22. Photo of Brian W. Roy

    Brian W. Roy Cinematography