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  1. Photo of Mieczyslaw Hryniewicz

    Mieczyslaw Hryniewicz Cast

  2. Photo of Jaroslaw Kopaczewski

    Jaroslaw Kopaczewski Cast

  3. Photo of Wieslaw Wójcik

    Wieslaw Wójcik Cast

  4. Photo of Tadeusz Madeja

    Tadeusz Madeja Cast

  5. Photo of Halina Buyno-Loza

    Halina Buyno-Loza Cast

  6. Photo of Anna Jaraczówna

    Anna Jaraczówna Cast

  7. Photo of Maria Kaniewska

    Maria Kaniewska Cast

  8. Photo of Bozena Miller

    Bozena Miller Cast

  9. Photo of Halina Wyrodek

    Halina Wyrodek Cast

  10. Photo of Jerzy Cnota

    Jerzy Cnota Cast

  11. Photo of Jacek Maziarski

    Jacek Maziarski Cast

  12. Photo of Janusz Kidawa

    Janusz Kidawa Director