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  1. Photo of Emil Bolanac

    Emil Bolanac Executive Producer

  2. Photo of Seka Cesovic

    Seka Cesovic Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Marko Sliskovic

    Marko Sliskovic Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Boro Draskovic

    Boro Draskovic Screenplay and Director

  5. Photo of Zulfikar Dzumhur

    Zulfikar Dzumhur Screenplay and Production Design

  6. Photo of Ognjen Miličević

    Ognjen Miličević Cinematography

  7. Photo of Milena Dravić

    Milena Dravić Cast

  8. Photo of Dragan Nikolić

    Dragan Nikolić Cast

  9. Photo of Pavle Vuisić

    Pavle Vuisić Cast

  10. Photo of Mihailo 'Misa' Janketic

    Mihailo 'Misa' Janketic Cast

  11. Photo of Josif Tatić

    Josif Tatić Cast

  12. Photo of Vuksan Lukovac

    Vuksan Lukovac Editing

  13. Photo of Zoran Hristic

    Zoran Hristic Music

  14. Photo of Mario Arkus

    Mario Arkus Sound

  15. Photo of Josef Atijas

    Josef Atijas Costume Design