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  1. Photo of Eli Roth

    Eli Roth Director, Cast, Producer Screenplay

  2. Photo of Jay Hernandez

    Jay Hernandez Cast

  3. Photo of Derek Richardson

    Derek Richardson Cast

  4. Photo of Eythor Gudjonsson

    Eythor Gudjonsson Cast

  5. Photo of Barbara Nedeljakova

    Barbara Nedeljakova Cast

  6. Photo of Jan Vlasák

    Jan Vlasák Cast

  7. Photo of Jana Kaderabkova

    Jana Kaderabkova Cast

  8. Photo of Jennifer Lim

    Jennifer Lim Cast

  9. Photo of Keiko Seiko

    Keiko Seiko Cast

  10. Photo of Lubomir Bukovy

    Lubomir Bukovy Cast

  11. Photo of Jana Havlickova

    Jana Havlickova Cast

  12. Photo of Rick Hoffman

    Rick Hoffman Cast

  13. Photo of Petr Janis

    Petr Janis Cast

  14. Photo of Takashi Miike

    Takashi Miike Cast

  15. Photo of Milan Chadima

    Milan Chadima Cinematography

  16. Photo of Nathan Barr

    Nathan Barr Music

  17. Photo of Franco-Giacomo Carbone

    Franco-Giacomo Carbone Production Design

  18. Photo of Chris Briggs

    Chris Briggs Producer

  19. Photo of Mike Fleiss

    Mike Fleiss Producer

  20. Photo of Quentin Tarantino

    Quentin Tarantino Executive Producer

  21. Photo of Scott Spiegel

    Scott Spiegel Executive Producer

  22. Photo of Boaz Yakin

    Boaz Yakin Executive Producer

  23. Photo of George Folsey Jr.

    George Folsey Jr. Editing