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Ratings & Reviews

  1.'s rating of the film Hostiles

    This brutal and slow western is dominated by the commanding and dignified presence of Rosamund Pike while Christian Bale squares his jaw and cradles his gun as an inscrutable man of violence. He's tasked with transporting the Cheyenne Chief Yellow Hawk to Montana. En route he falls upon a Comanche attack on a homestead in New Mexico. It is a powerful film but a poor ending.

  2. Ryan Christopher Coleman's rating of the film Hostiles

    oy vey ... this movie has good qualities ... which are rendered secondary to the huge, bulging, unanswered question of why a Westward expansion narrative which normalizes violence against Indigenous Americans is being made in 2017 ... however many more attempts this movie makes at white apologetics than its predecessors will never be enough. Enough has been enough since Dances With Wolves ... quit it