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Ratings & Reviews

  1. FISCHER's rating of the film Hot Blood

    On reconnaît malgré tout la patte experte du metteur en scène Nicholas Ray, même si ce dernier s'est totalement désinvesti du scénario...

  2. Eugene Kotlyarenko's rating of the film Hot Blood

    so unabashedly celebrates the ethnic stereotype as to movie into some sublime place where it's almost like a movie about aliens with human emotions. then again, ray's characters always feel like aliens and it's not different here, until the maudlin conclusion cheaply reveals that we are human after all. nevertheless still worth it for the color, mise-en-scene, spontaneous dancing, fighting, relating

  3. roujin's rating of the film Hot Blood

    Hilarious movie, yeah, but it's also a fiery and passionate one. There's nothing subtle about it. It screams at you.

  4. Scout Tafoya's rating of the film Hot Blood

    Every Nick Ray film has at least one scene that lets you know just which mad genius was behind the camera. Hot Blood is full to bursting with Ray's iconic colours and mad love, but the scene where Cornel Wilde dances Richard Deacon half to death in the street. Scenes like this, where the studio world bent to Ray's mad vision, are what make him an auteur worth worshipping. This film is goddamned beautiful.