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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Paul Narvaez's rating of the film Hot Rods to Hell

    The music is painful, all the evening scenes are day for night, Jeanne Crain over acts, their kid is annoying, the "delinquents" are complete squares with a penchant for bad clothes and rape. However, the blonde looks really good on that car (and probably anywhere else as well).

  2. Scout Tafoya's rating of the film Hot Rods to Hell

    It's a little tame but I'm too in love with John Brahm, master of shadows, making a youth-in-peril film in the desert where there isn't a tree to hide under, let alone the ceiling in a crowded, candlelit drawing room. It's so far from his comfort zone, and is a different sort of work. Whereas Hangover Square is a timeless work of art, Hot Rods is pop art so purposely glued to its era that every brick seems brand new.